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AccessAlly 4.0

October 26, 2022

New Features in 4.0

  • New and better ways to view and manage your members! AccessAlly’s Member’s Tab (originally the Permission’s Tab) packs a punch when it comes to managing your members all in one place. You can quickly view member information like seeing who has which tags, easily filter your members by different attributes, seamlessly run custom operations, release or revoke Offerings, apply tags to select members, and so much more! Click here to see the details.
  • Enrolling in cohorts? With the new Enrolment Limit feature, you can control how many members sign up or add enrolment dates with a countdown. If your class limit is reached, your members will be redirected to an opt-in form so that you can follow up with waitlisted people. Learn more here.
  • Update to the ProgressAlly Interaction Reset feature: In addition to members being able to reset their own progress:
  • New AccessAlly clients will no longer require a CRM! That means we are one step closer to being completely independent of CRMs. Over the next few months, we’ll be working hard on creating a tool that will transfer your existing members off of your current CRM (this is optional of course)! We’ve always been an integration-first plugin, but over the years we’ve realized that the email platform ecosystem has shifted and people want to be able to run their membership sites more independently. Check it out here.

Improvements in 4.0

  • We made improvements to the affiliate records page.
    • Now you can export commission records from affiliates. This will be helpful when affiliates have a long history with you.
    • We also made a fix on the affiliate ledger search functionality as no results were displaying for some users.
  • Last release we implemented the ability to allow new members to choose their own password.
    • For our Keap integrated users, Keap only allows 20-character passwords. We reflected this limit and now the AccessAlly Order Form password field is limited to 20 characters (Keap users only).
  • We improved our Sales Notification email to include the full billing address. That way you can see which country your members are from and collate your data easier.
  • We improved ProgressAlly Objective List pages by:
    • Optimizing performance time for faster loading speeds.
    • Making it easier to add objectives, now you can add new objectives between other objectives!
  • We cleared up some confusion around the 1-Click customization options. We updated the interface and wording to clarify that the 1-Click customization options will only work for Tried-and-True order forms.
  • As requested, in the page views of ProgressAlly Reports you can now see your members’ emails in addition to their names.
  • We hid the “clone” option for the Team Center Offering to prevent any errors as this function does not duplicate a team.
  • You can now view your members’ IP address in ProgressAlly’s page views and the user profile. This is useful if you get chargebacks and need to prove your customer logged in and visited certain pages. Check it out here.
  • Currently, WordPress does not allow special characters in usernames or email addresses. We resolved this issue so that your member can login to your AccessAlly site without any issues.
  • Originally, the team deletion webhook didn’t allow multiple teams to be separated by commas – now all webhooks will work with commas!
  • Team Leaders can now download their team members’ certificates! Click here find out more about this new interaction.
  • In the Metrics Dashboard we added a “select all” / “unselect all” button to improve your user experience.
  • Now the checkbox element that you can add to AccessAlly Order Forms can be saved to your CRM! This is great for those who needed to use this feature as a required “Terms & Conditions.” Check out the details here.
  • As requested, we removed the currency type from the exported table cells. We moved the currency type to a new column to make spreadsheet calculations easier.
  • We added captcha functionality on AccessAlly Order Forms to prevent any issues with test credit card purchases.
  • Now you can send Welcome Emails for both initial purchases AND opt-in forms.
  • We moved the location of the Welcome (first base page) of your Offering into the Base Module. This is to make it clearer that anything in the Base Module is available to everyone from the get-go.
  • Originally, email dates were shown in UTC. We’ve updated this so that email dates will match the timezone configured in AccessAlly Setting.
  • Now you can reorder items in Team Interactions by dragging and dropping!

Bug fixes in 4.0

  • Under the ProgressAlly Objective Settings, we fixed a link to point to the right PopupAlly page. That link works now, you can check out PopupAllyPro here!
  • We fixed an issue that was occurring between the Elementor Theme and AccessAlly. With the new version of Elementor, the current hook to add AccessAlly / ProgressAlly elements was outdated. This bug has been resolved now!
  • We found a bug that was occurring with PayPal subscriptions causing an issue with the metrics on cancellations. This issue has been resolved.
  • We fixed a bug that was occurring with the page completion percentage exceeding 100% due to objectives referencing other pages on the site. We updated this behavior by counting objective completion as a “page view” so that these metrics are more accurate in these cases.
  • We fixed a bug that was occurring when importing student progress due to a userID mismatch.
  • We optimized exporting AccessAlly and ProgressAlly data that was causing errors and no export.
  • An issue was reported where Products were not saving properly due to a foreign character in the Product Description – it’s all resolved now!
  • We fixed an issue where some team members were not receiving access due to web-hook timeout. Now teamwide operations should run immediately with the webhook trigger to prevent this from happening again.
  • We fixed a bug where items in the Order Form settings for a product name were not updating unless re-saved.
  • Displaying new fields from ActiveCampaign in your Directory always showed up twice in the dropdown – this is now resolved!
  • A bug has been fixed so that invalid tags won’t fail the “add team member” operation, this was occurring for ConvertKit users only.
  • Now, you will get better, more informative error warnings when managing your Team Programs. We’ve also fixed a bug in the Team error logs as some ‘actions’ weren’t displaying correctly.


  • We fixed a few CommunityAlly bugs added some requested functionality, including:
    • Originally, when your members enter a Group from the side menu, a new web browser tab opens. Now, instead of a new tab opening, the current page will take your members into your Group. This is for new Groups only.
    • Now when your members click the Group icon in the Groups tab, the icon leads to the corresponding Group homepage, not the Offering.
    • Your members can now post photos onto a Group Feed without a text requirement.
    • Paragraph text spacing is now fixed when you make a Post on a Group!
    • Quotation marks in users’ display name prevented the @mention feature in CommunityAlly from working! This bug is now resolved.
    • We removed the “required” text under the Group Description in Group settings as it is not needed.
    • We resolved the issue where all site admins are added to Groups. Now, admins must be assigned a tag to access a Group.
    • The CommunityAlly ‘Cancel’ button for comments now closes properly.
    • As requested, we added a back button so that your members can easily navigate between Feeds, Profiles, and more!
    • We fixed a bug from our last release with attaching files in the CommunityAlly comment section. Now attachments are removed from the uploader when you reply to different comments in the same post!

AccessAlly Theme

  • We fixed a bug that occurred when using the AccessAlly Theme. Deleting an AccessAlly Offering menu in the WordPress menu meant that you could not put the AccessAlly Offering menu back into an Offering Side Bar. This issue is now fixed and you can retrieve the sidebar menu ID.
  • We resolved an AccessAlly Theme issue where the Offering Sidebar was showing up on public pages – this is now fixed and it only displays on membership pages.


  • We resolved a navigation issue with PopupAlly popups – the “x” to close button has been moved over so that it is no longer hidden.

Our 2022 Roadmap

Here’s what’s in store for AccessAlly in the next few months.

AccessAlly 2022 Roadmap
Nathalie Lussier

I’m a writer, technologist, and regenerative farmer. I founded AccessAlly with my husband in one frantic weekend to solve my immediate course platform issues. Over a decade later the company has grown, and our product has evolved to serve millions of learners across the globe.

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