How to Automatically Redirect Visitors to A WordPress Login Page

Why Should You Automatically Redirect Visitors to a WordPress Login Page?

A membership site is a wonderful tool that allows you to restrict access to your website content. When built properly, the only ones who can access this content are those who have purchased a subscription (or, in the case of a free course, opted in).

The good news is that your membership plugin can take over the task of automatically redirecting visitors to the WordPress login page first, then permit those with the right credentials to move on and explore the site itself.

What You’ll Need To Automatically Redirect Visitors to A WordPress Login Page

The tool list you need is pretty short:

How Does An Automatic Redirect to A WordPress Login Page Work?

AccessAlly protects your membership site content, requiring visitors to login first with their unique username and password.

As soon as they’ve successfully entered their username and password, AccessAlly then redirects them again to the URL they initially tried to access.

The great thing about AccessAlly is that it truly makes it simple for you to design and manage this redirection.

How To Automatically Redirect Visitors to A WordPress Login Page

In this example, I’ll show you how to use AccessAlly to control your automatic redirection.

Step 1: Install the AccessAlly plugin on your WordPress Site & Set Up Integrations

AccessAlly can be installed on your WordPress site like any other plugin. Then, integrate it with your tag-based CRM of choice.

Step 2: Create Your Site-Wide Redirects

In the sidebar of your site’s backend, go to AccessAlly > General Settings.


Inside AccessAlly General Settings > Initial Setup > Special Pages, you’ll see a list of redirect options.

how to automatically redirect visitors to a wordpress login page

For each option, you can select a specific page for your visitors to be automatically redirected to when they try to access the content on your site.

Login Page

This the most fundamentally important selection. Here, you can decide where you want any visitor who is not logged in to be redirected. This is where you can select your login page.

Page after logging in (with original landing page)

Visitors are redirected to this page (after logging in) if they’d first tried to access a protected page that required login (the original landing page).

Page after logging in (without original landing page)

If your visitor simply typed in the URL for your login page and arrived there first, AccessAlly lets you decide where they’re redirected after submitting their login credentials.

Typically, you’d want to send them to your membership site homepage or dashboard.

Insufficient Permission Page

Anyone who’s already logged-in but tries to access content that they don’t have permission to view will be redirected to this page.

You could send them back to the homepage, or create a special page that guides them further through your site.

Logout Page

This redirection option specifies where a visitor is sent after logging out of the site. Typically, you’d want this to be the login page, so they can easily log back in.

Bonus Automatic Redirection

AccessAlly doesn’t stop with the general site redirection options. On each page, you can create more detailed automatic redirects so that your membership site really tailors to each individual user.

If a visitor isn’t logged in and tries to access content in your “Basic Teaching Course,” for example, you could create a conditional redirect that sends them to the sales page for the Basic Teaching Course.

how to automatically redirect visitors to a wordpress login page

If a visitor IS logged in, you can get even more granular, and create a series of specific redirects based on what permission tags the user has.

AccessAlly’s automatic redirects are a powerful way to control the overall experience and effectiveness of your membership site built on WordPress, whether the users are logged in or not.

Ditch the duct tape with AccessAlly for WordPress.

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