AccessAlly 3.5.6 Release Notes

Released February 2021


  • Were your customers experiencing an issue when trying to buy through PayPal on the mobile Facebook browser? AccessAlly now shows a message showing people how to continue their order with PayPal by opening a new Browser window, before they get too far in the ordering process.

    This will prevent people from thinking they successfully bought when an order didn’t complete, and should help you make more sales through the Facebook browser and PayPal.

  • Resolved an intermittent issue that would cause a loss of data upon saving General Settings. This bug has finally been squashed, and although it didn’t affect many people it was a bugger when it did happen.
  • Now you can use Facebook’s Event Tool and add tracking to AccessAlly order form buttons because we added IDs for each of the buttons in our order forms.
  • To prevent fraudulent automated orders, we added a captcha to order forms after a number of failed attempts.
  • Now you can display Custom Field “text areas” on the front end with the default custom field shortcodes. This change only affects ActiveCampaign clients.

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