AccessAlly 3.7.5 Release Notes

Singer Adele just dropped a new single.

It’s everything we know and love – but more refined.

I know AccessAlly doesn’t have the same stage presence as Adele… 😉

But I like to think that this week’s release has everything that makes AccessAlly great… but more refined.

What’s new in AccessAlly for October 2021

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We just released AccessAlly with a hot-fix for a PayPal payment issue. If you updated to 3.7.5, please update to for this fix.

New Features

  • New ProgressAlly feature! Whole offering objective tracking: In the past, you had to add each page to your progress tracking objective list, but now you can select an offering and all of the pages will automatically be tracked. Even if you add new pages or lessons later. See it in action here.
  • New ProgressAlly Interaction Reset feature: now you can give people the ability to reset their progress in a course, or across your entire membership site. This includes resetting the quizzes included in your courses. Click for the tutorial.
  • New ProgressAlly Download Objective type: Now you can track when someone downloads a file, whether it is a Certificate or Protected Content that you’ve uploaded through AccessAlly. More details here.
  • Now you can send renewal reminder emails for your subscriptions right inside AccessAlly. Just enable the template in the Emails area to apply to all of your subscriptions, or pick and choose to customize the text for each offering. This is great if you have yearly subscriptions and you don’t want people to be surprised about an upcoming charge. Click to see how renewal reminder emails work.
  • New AccessAlly Subscription Management options! Ever had a situation where you needed to change the billing date or adjust the payments of your subscriptions? Now with AccessAlly’s subscription management, you can! Check out the subscription management options here.
  • With these new subscription management options, you can now add dollar amount credits instead of just relying on skipping entire payments. This is great when you want to give a credit for annual subscriptions.
  • If you run an affiliate program, now your affiliates can select their own date range when they are looking up their stats. Here’s an example.
  • Plus you can now display an affiliate’s link clicks right inside your affiliate dashboard, so your affiliates can see what’s getting clicks and what’s not. Enable these affiliate link click features here.
  • Ever wanted to send people to a custom thank you page, even if they are an existing customer? AccessAlly used to send people to a login page before accessing your thank you page, but now it will take them to your thank you page whether they are logged in or not. The best way to use this is to make your thank you page public, with a link to access their content which will then take people to a login page. This provides a better purchasing experience, and you can customize your thank you page per product better this way.
  • Now AccessAlly has a built-in way to send failed payment notices to the site admin, or anyone on your team who monitors payments. Learn how to enable these failed payment notice settings here.
  • Now you can send invoices automatically from Quaderno. Learn how to enable the feature through the Quaderno integration.


  • There’s a new option in ProgressAlly, where you can display the objective list checkmarks on the left-hand side instead of the right-hand side.
  • In Private Notes, you can search for or initiate a note by searching for the name or email of the person you want to send a note to.
  • Now you can make your certificate completion date in the standard U.S. date format (ex: MMMM DD, YYYY).
  • Now in member directories and member profiles, there’s a new “mailto:” option for email addresses. So when people click on an email, it will open up their email software. This is done through the Custom Attribute type and making the link clickable.
  • On a Team Management page, you can now easily view all team members with collapsible accordion sections that can “open and close”. Click here to see where to enable this setting.
  • Inside Offerings, when creating a new Page you can have AccessAlly automatically add your objective checklist and “previous / next” buttons to the page.
  • To help you better organize your toggles and coupon codes, you can now add existing ones to your offerings under the Forms tab.
  • We added additional ways to associate WordPress menus with your Offerings. If you’d prefer to have AccessAlly create your menu, but then stop updating it as you make changes, you can now “de-couple” your menu. You can also associate an external menu with your Offerings, or not have a menu associated at all.
  • If you ever experienced a slow loading teams area, we just optimized the loading time.
  • Now AccessAlly will pass the Order ID into your CRM.
  • We’ve updated the “pause” verbiage on the pause subscription modal to make it more clear.
  • In ProgressAlly, when AccessAlly is installed there won’t be a “choose your CRM integration” area to reduce set up errors.
  • We updated the wording on the offerings release settings, so it’s more clear.
  • Now the AccessAlly onboarding wizard automatically creates the account menu with the autogenerated pages, which makes it easier to integrate with the AccessAlly theme. This only applies the first time AccessAlly is installed and the onboarding wizard is run.
  • We improved our interface by creating an easier “drag and drop” for elements on the custom order form design.
  • We changed the hover icon on Page/Post Objectives from a “hand/click” cursor to a regular “pointer” since they aren’t clickable.
  • Now in ProgressAlly AWS Videos you will see videos ordered by Video Name rather than Key. Browsing through your list just got easier!
  • If you’re using the default AccessAlly icons, you can now set a different display name for the text and keep your official name for the offering. This is great for really long course names that need to be abbreviated to fit in the circle icons.
  • We sunsetted the batchsync webhook. This means it will continue to work, but we no longer recommend using it so we removed it from the Webhook generator. Instead, please use the “updateuser” webhooks.
  • We deprecated the “download certificate” shortcode. This means it will continue to work and you don’t need to make any changes. However, if you’d like to be able to track when someone downloads a certificate (through an objective) then you will want to use the new ProgressAlly Interaction called “Certificate Download” and its’ shortcode instead.
  • In AccessAlly Teams, now you can add the “Remove team member” button as an individual item in case you don’t want to list all of the buttons just to display this particular one.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed an issue in the affiliate log date filter, where the end date was not pulling properly.
  • When you change the post type objective, there will no longer be a chance for a duplicate entry to be created.
  • We fixed the shortcode “accessally_custom_operation” so that it now works within this shortcode: [accessally_team_show_as_admin]…[/accessally_team_show_as_admin]
  • We resolved an issue where a double space in page title caused a quiz page to not save in Team Display settings.
  • We fixed the Sales → Payments date filtering because it wasn’t pulling the right data.
  • We resolved the error that showed up when complex HTML was added to a Product description.
  • Credits were being added via custom operations on PayPal subscriptions, which isn’t doable with PayPal.
  • We fixed an issue where the pause button disappeared when the modal has been opened/closed.
  • A member’s progress on their profile will only display for published pages and not for draft ones.
  • We improved the width of settings pages for smaller browser sizes.
  • We fixed an issue where the Redirect URL not updating on an offering’s main page when it is changed.
  • We removed the email address from On-demand login redirect.
  • Originally PayPal payments were not processed in real-time, which could cause a delay in reporting in AccessAlly. This has been resolved.
  • Affiliate Link Clicks Report sometimes listed all affiliates as unknown affiliates. This has been fixed.
  • For Keap Pro users, we made the countdown timer available to you too.
  • We resolved a bug where draft pages were showing up in the course navigation menu.
  • We fixed Post Type Objectives, now when you make modifications, they aren’t showing up as duplicate entries anymore.
  • The Objective checkmarks were misaligned, all straightened up now!
  • Now you can change the first or last name in the WordPress Users without any issues.
  • We added a block editor check for our widgets so they will work better with Gutenberg blocks.

Theme Updates:

  • We’ve added the ability to display WordPress comments in the AccessAlly theme. You need to enable the discussion area on your page for this to display.
  • We also fixed an issue where some sites were not able to include links in the footer area of the theme.

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