AccessAlly 3.7.6 Release Notes

I’m back with another AccessAlly update, and it was meant to be a small release but it packs a punch.

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The biggest change is a new Stripe Standard Connect integration, which makes it easier to get your payment account set up in AccessAlly.

But this new integration goes even further, because we signed an agreement with Stripe where we’ll earn a small commission on sales that go through AccessAlly.

Important: this does not affect your earnings.

We’ve never taken a cut out of your sales, and this doesn’t add any new fees.

Instead, we get a tiny percentage of Stripe’s processing fee, if we meet certain volume thresholds.

That’s why I’d like to encourage you to switch to the new Stripe Connect integration by going to your AccessAlly Payment Settings and choosing the “Connect” option from the drop down.

It just takes a minute, and you’ll be helping us out so we can re-invest in making AccessAlly even better by hiring more developers. (At no additional cost to you!)

New Features:

  • New AccessAlly & Stripe Connect Integration! Setting up your Stripe account just got easier, with 1-click OAuth to integrate with AccessAlly. The other benefit of this new Stripe Integration is that it may allow AccessAlly to earn a small commission on sales through Stripe – at no additional cost to you. Think of it as AccessAlly being an affiliate for Stripe.

    Important: Please integrate with the same Stripe account and do not create a new one, since switching Stripe accounts will affect existing subscriptions and payment plans. See it in action here.

  • Offers are now named Order Forms! There was a lot of confusion in our naming convention! So we renamed “Offers” to “Order Forms” because that’s what they really are.

  • Icons for All Pages! As highly requested, in addition to Offering Icons, you are now able to display and customize the text in Icons for all pages or posts! That means you can have different autogenerated icons for modules or lessons. Find out more here.

  • Upload audio files in ProgressAlly Media! There’s a new way to upload audio files to Amazon S3 in ProgressAlly. Instead of only being able to upload and convert MP4 files, you are now able to upload audio files via Amazon S3 storage too. This includes mp3, aac, aif, flac, m4a, ogg, wav, and wma files! That means you can include these files in your ProgressAlly Media player easily. Click to see the details.

  • More & easier ways to view your members! In the User Profile, you’ll see additional information under the ProgressAlly tab to help you keep better track of your members. In addition to a member’s Login Activity, you can now view and filter between Quiz results, Private Notes, Page Access and Downloads. We also made seeing member progress per page easier to view by displaying only pages with objectives. More details here.

  • Watermark PDF Downloads! Now you can protect your digital downloads with our new feature that stamps each page of your PDF with the purchaser’s email address. With each page watermarked, members will be less likely to give away copies of their purchased PDFs. Here’s where to enable this feature.

  • Get notified when there is a Subscription Cancellation. We’re giving you more email notification options! In addition to being able to automatically send an email when a sale is made, you can also be notified when a subscription is canceled. This is especially useful for those using ConvertKit – as there currently is no way to do this via the CRM.


  • Now in ProgressAlly, you can find a page and get a global view of all visits. This will help you analyze pages that are most and least visited! See it in action here.

  • In ProgressAlly, now you can search for and initiate a note using a student’s name instead of only their email address. Talk about a timer saver!
  • Hello 2022, we updated our “loading” animation to something fresher so that it matches the rest of AccessAlly’s style!

  • Now in ProgressAlly Reports, you can see a list of all the members who completed a Page or Quiz, the date of completion (for new submissions only), and get easy access to their User Profile.

  • If you ever experienced a slow loading Directory, we just optimized the loading time.

  • We updated our dropdown Media settings under the ProgressAlly Page to auto-complete, making it easier to find what you are looking for!

  • We added a new parameter to the front-facing “affiliate link clicks” shortcode, so now you can select only specific links to display the clicks for. This is great if you have a few links that are just for specific affiliates. See the shortcode here.

Bug fixes:

  • We fixed a bug where the renewal emails selection was missing as a dropdown in the Email Log. Now you can view a list of all renewal emails sent!

  • We fixed a description error when releasing modules. Instead of “Release this module when all objectives in the previous module’s last page have been completed.” It should be and is now, “Release the NEXT module when all objectives in this module’s last page have been completed.”

  • We resolved an issue where the Objective List wasn’t showing individual items properly via the Objective ID. Now you will have the ability to display the particular objectives you want.

  • We resolved a bug from our last release regarding subscription renewal emails. Emails were being sent for fixed payment plans even after the last payment was already made. Now subscriptions renewal emails will only be sent out for ongoing payment plans.

  • We fixed a bug where the user and subscription detail links in subscription payment failed emails to admins were invalid. These links work now!

  • We fixed some graphics issues like checkboxes and text in the ProgressAlly objective tables.

Theme Updates:

  • We fixed an AccessAlly Theme issue on our Order Forms. For some users, our buttons & headers weren’t changing colors – all good now!

Change Log:

  • We refactored our database table for quiz results to improve searching capabilities.

Product roadmap preview

Here’s what we have planned for the rest of the year and the first bit of 2022!

Product roadmap

Ditch the duct tape with AccessAlly for WordPress.

Run your online courses, memberships, coaching programs, and communities in one place.

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