AccessAlly 4.1.1

May 10, 2023

New Features

  • We’ve added more details to the Coupon List! Now you can click into each coupon and see who, when and where they applied the coupon. Check it out here!
  • You can now add a time limit to a quiz. This can be done with custom operations and a countdown timer. See how to set it up here.
  • Now you can link directly to any Order Toggle option on an Order Form for easy access. This is useful if you want to have two buttons on an order form, one for each toggle item on the same form page. Check out how to set up the URL parameter here.
  • Now you can share “leads” email address with affiliates directly when their affiliate link was used for opt-ins! Learn more.


  • We updated our suggestion in the Emails → Branding tab. To prevent your emails from landing in the spam folder, use the free FluentSMTP plugin.
  • Now in ProgressAlly you can add an Offering and Page/Post Objective List with clickable links.
  • When using the “Copy” button to duplicate a Team Program, there is now a pop-up window letting you know that a new custom field needs to be selected. Additionally, the old custom field will be erased in the duplicate so no data is accidentally overwritten.
  • Now you can specify the color for Profile and Billing text. This can be found in AccessAlly “Settings” > “Styling” > “Custom” > “Profile and Billing.”

Bug fixes

  • We fixed an issue occurring with orders not going through on mobile apps with built-in browsers, notably Facebook and Instagram browsers. This was due to the SCA verification process tab closing the Order Form tab. Purchases are now able to be made on mobile apps with built-in browsers.
  • We fixed a bug with our migration plugin. When migrating a large number of users, ConvertKit API’s limit was being exceeded – this is now resolved.
  • We fixed an issue where switching from a Tried-and-True Order Form to Flex layout caused a bug when displaying it as an Order Form.
  • Now special characters are not used in generating a password from an AccessAlly Order Form (lowercase, uppercase, and numbers only).
  • We fixed a bug and now the Print Invoice button matches your AccessAlly styling colours.
  • Firefox and Chrome browsers have a bug when a page is resized/scaled and loses some accuracy. This was causing a white line to appear in AccessAlly navigation buttons when zooming in/out on a page. We have implemented a fix into our code to prevent this from happening. 
  • We resolved an issue where an order was not assigned to an affiliate when clicking on their affiliate link on Flywheel.
  • With the [accessally_credit_card_update] shortcode, the billState did not have any placeholder text. This was only happening to those using Ontraport and is now resolved.
  • We fixed an issue in the email log area where the “Status” link was displaying a Contact ID error. This issue only occurred with test emails.
  • We fixed a bug where in the Sales Log, customer information would display poorly when an affiliate email was too long.
  • We fixed a bug when filtering members in the Members Tab. Users with duplicated tags were showing up incorrectly in the filters – this is now resolved.
  • We fixed a bug where the “success” status could sometimes be overwritten by “SCA Success” in your sales log.
  • We fixed a bug in our AccessAlly Managed version where team custom fields were still being created. Now this is removed as it is not necessary since there is no connection to a CRM.


  • We fixed a bug in CommunityAlly where copying the shortcode buttons for Discussions was not working with the Thrive Architect theme.
  • We fixed an issue where Community Discussions were not displaying in the tab and shortcode generator when there was a long list. This is now resolved!
  • We fixed a bug with CommunityAlly notifications. Before the count in the Notifications tab was displaying incorrectly when a notification was clicked into.
  • Before CommunityAlly Discussions would open up in a new tab. We removed this behaviour after popular request.
  • Now an embedded CommunityAlly Discussion will display the description. The prompt box wording has also changed to “Leave A Reply!”
  • We fixed a typo in the shortcode generator for CommunityAlly Discussions.


  • In PopupAlly, the delete button from the mobile view is removed. Elements can now only be added/removed from the desktop view, to prevent mistakenly removing a version of a design.

Our 2023 Roadmap

Here’s what’s in store for AccessAlly in the next few months.

AccessAlly Roadmap

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