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Customer Success Story

Bringing 150,000 Members to a More Modern Member Portal

When you think of a business that needs a member portal, your first thought might go to a digital course business first.

But today, more than ever, a physical product business can benefit from building a member portal.

This turns a simple product into a multi-touch-point user experience. Once customers login to a members area, they can learn more about how to use the products they purchased, which will help them get the results they’re after.

That’s exactly what the team at Life Pro Fitness did.

Life Pro Fitness is a company that offers wellness, recovery, and fitness products like vibration plates and massagers.

Their mission is to impact people’s lives through these products by making holistic wellness available to more people.

They’ve been able to do this by providing lifetime warranties and customer support, and more recently by rolling out a member portal.

The Goal: To Impact 1 Million People

One of the goals the Life Pro Fitness team set for themselves was to impact the lives of a million people.

This is a goal that took several years to achieve, but a big part of reaching it was the launch of the members portal.

They’ve been able to provide virtual workouts, explainer videos, and content that has reached over 1 million people.

Life Pro Fitness has nurtured a strong community, including ambassadors that help create training and content showing how to use their products for better health and wellness.

But before they could impact 1 million people, they were using a different membership platform and it was time for a change.

Migrating 150,000 members from Kartra to AccessAlly

Initially, the Life Pro Fitness members area was hosted on the Kartra platform.

They felt like Kartra wasn’t the greatest platform, it felt outdated, and they weren’t very satisfied with it.

That’s when they found AccessAlly and Charm Fernandez, who they hired to help them with the migration.

Charm Fernandez is the founder of SophisTECHated Marketing & Developments, Inc.

Together with her team, she worked to migrate the 150,000 existing members over to the new AccessAlly WordPress site.

They designed the look and feel of the site, and were one of the first developers to build a CRM independent AccessAlly project.

When asked about the migration process, Tegan from Life Pro Fitness said that there were a few expected hiccups where members were used to logging into the old site.

But after the initial launch, everything has been very easy and seamless.

Organizing Content In an Intuitive Way

One of Life Pro Fitness’ favorite aspects of the new members area, built with AccessAlly on WordPress, is how on-brand it is.

It feels more modern, it’s much simpler to navigate, and they love how they’ve been able to categorize and design the thumbnails.

The team at Life Pro Fitness knew they wanted to organize their content by the goals of their members.

They started with:

  • Vibration therapy
  • Sports Recovery
  • Endurance training
  • Strength training

They also have different sections of the members’ area for live training videos, resources, and their popular 21-Day Fitness Challenge.

When a member clicks through to a category, they will see a list of products to choose from. If they already own the product, they’ll be taken to training videos for it.

If they don’t have this product yet, they’ll be taken to the sales page to make a purchase, if they’d like to order this product.

This acts as a natural cross-selling environment for existing customers.

Each area also has a progress tracking section and a place to take notes, so members can keep track of the lessons they’ve completed.

Adding New Content and Running Fitness Challenges

Building a beautiful members experience is great, but if managing the back-end of the site is a nightmare, then the project is not likely to be sustainable.

That’s why the team at Life Pro Fitness was happy to realize that it requires a lot less work to upload new content.

“Everything is very automated and seamless. It’s been much easier than the previous platform we were using.”

They’ve been able to enroll participants into their popular 21-Day Fitness Challenge, and the members area keeps people engaged.

Recommending AccessAlly for Your Member Portal

At the end of the day, the team at Life Pro Fitness is happy with their move and with the development team that helped them migrate and develop the site.

“I would definitely recommend AccessAlly to anybody and everybody who’s looking at doing a member portal and looking for something super easy to use, easy to manage, easy to implement. And automated.

I keep using the word seamless, but I think that’s the best way to put it.

It minimizes the headache on our end as business owners. Just a very seamless process, all in all.”

So there you have it.

Even physical product companies can benefit from launching an online member portal, and see their reach, sales, and user experience improve as a result.

Photo of Tegan Gainan

"AccessAlly just minimizes the headache on our end as the business owners."

I would definitely recommend AccessAlly to anybody and everybody who’s looking for doing a member portal and looking for something super easy to do, easy to manage, easy to implement.

We really love the overall layout of these different programs and how they’re categorized with the thumbnails and everything.

I keep using the word seamless, but I think that’s the best way to put it.

Switched from: Kartra

CRM: AccessAlly Managed

Site members: 150000

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