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Membership Sites for Moms

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

That’s the common line used to acknowledge how challenging and lonely it can be when you’re a mom who’s trying to raise a child.

Unfortunately, many moms simply don’t have access to a kind and caring community to help with the rewarding but challenging task of raising a family.

That’s why membership sites for moms are gaining traction.

Membership sites made for moms have become increasingly popular in recent years. With services that range from coaching to community networking, these memberships provide the guidance and connections that so many mothers around the world crave.

And it’s no wonder: as schedules grow busier and more hectic, the need for online resources that you can tap into from the comfort of your own home has become a high priority and desperate need for moms around the world.

That’s why we’re so excited to put the spotlight on Ma Yoga®, an amazing online sanctuary for moms and moms-to-be.

“I was looking at other membership site software, but as soon as I got the email notification that AccessAlly was now compatible with ActiveCampaign… I signed up that day! -Jessica Jennings

Ma Yoga®: A Community for Growth and Well-Being

Membership Sites For Moms - Jessica Headshot Jessica Jennings created MaYoga® for Pregnancy, Motherhood & Beyond in 2009 as an internationally registered prenatal yoga school and tribe of professionals to provide guidance, inspiration, and support for pregnant women and new moms.

It wasn’t long before Jessica’s creation caught on and grew to more than 10 locations in Southern California. But there came a time when Jessica realized that the demand for her work from moms and moms-to-be stretched across the country and she decided to make the resources available online. As a result, Ma Yoga® Living was born.

Now, thanks to Jessica and her incredible certified teachers, women who don’t live close enough to attend the in-person classes can still enjoy the benefits of Ma Yoga® from their living room.

An Inside Look At Ma Yoga®, a Membership Site for Moms

membership sites for moms: ma yoga living dashboard

Curating Customized Programs Tailored To Each Member

All members receive full access to the digital yoga library. To make it more personal, though, you can curate your own custom yoga practice by answering a few quick questions about where they are in their motherhood journey.

And once you have your baby, you can reset your responses to set up a new practice, always customized to your current stage of motherhood.

Want a Sample of What This Membership Program Offers?

Let them know where you are on the journey to motherhood and beyond, and you’ll receive a customized Care Package curated just for you.

Custom Care Packages

The personalization and customization of a Ma Yoga® membership doesn’t stop there: it uses the integration between its membership plugin, AccessAlly, and ActiveCampaign to make the entire experience tailored to each member.

For example, as soon as you join, the AccessAlly plugin gives you a unique tag based on the info you’ve given. This tag indicates where you’re at in your motherhood journey.

This then triggers a unique automation inside ActiveCampaign, so you start receiving a care package that’s totally personalized and better able to help support and guide you. And, if you ever change paths in life, you can always opt-out of the automation, so you’re never “stuck” in a track that doesn’t fit your needs.

Pro tip for membership creators: When creating robust campaigns with multiple variations, create an organized naming convention for your tags and automation campaigns. This will help you easily identify the correct campaign and tags that you may want to update or expand upon in the future.

membership sites for moms

Built-In Community For Additional Support

Using BBPress in conjunction with AccessAlly, Ma Yoga® has integrated a forum community inside their membership site, fully controlling access to each group based on a user’s membership tag.

With a mixture of public and private forums current paid users and free members alike can connect, share their experiences, and provide support to other members.

membership sites for moms

This is an excellent way to curate the community within your membership without requiring members to connect on a third-party platform.

Karma Points

membership sites for moms
To encourage members to stay active and engaged within your membership, you can create a credit or points system to reward them for their participation.

This is a great way to keep your members motivated, but also coming back for more and remaining active over time.

The sky is truly the limit on how you can use a credit or points system to bring gamification into your membership site or online course.

In Ma Yoga®’s membership program, Karma Points are used to reward members with discounts on their premium offerings.

An Inside Look At What It Takes To Build a Membership Site

Discover how Jessica and her incredible developer, Kim, have brought Ma Yoga® Members to women around the world with an online membership powered by AccessAlly and ActiveCampaign.

Ma Yoga® wasn’t Kim’s first rodeo with AccessAlly, and it definitely won’t be her last. She’s become a silent raving fan and credits much of her love for AccessAlly “ever-evolving software, thorough documentation and amazing customer support.”

If you’re looking for someone to build out your marketing automation or help bring your membership site vision to life, you can book a free introductory call with Kim here.

Lessons Learned & Advice For Doing It Right From The Start

We sat down with Jessica, who generously shared a few tips and advice for others who are building a membership or course website.

1. Start Small

First, when it comes to launching, start small and gather feedback as you build.

You can live and learn from your mistakes, make adjustments, and not have to go back and revise everything.

2. Stay Organized

Use project management software to keep each step and phase of the project organized. She uses and recommends Teamwork. If it’s not for you, don’t fret: there are also a ton of other great tools such as Trello and Asana to help keep your setup and communication organized.

3. Build a Team You Can Trust

Membership Sites for Moms: A Ma Yoga Case Study Most importantly, find good people. When you have a team you trust and are experts at their crafts, it makes the decision making process for tech tools, setup, and overall communication incredibly easier than it would be if you were going at it alone.

An added bonus: You have the freedom to take a step back and trust that your team is going to help you execute your vision beyond what you imagined.

4. Use Tech to Replace Busy Work, Not Relationships

Lastly, don’t think of your membership sites as a replacement for interacting directly with your customers. It’s a replacement for the busy work that typically sucks up the time you could be investing in your community.

Even Yoga Instructors Need Peace Of Mind

With Jessica’s membership site fully launched, she feels so much more at ease and is able to sleep a little better at night knowing that AccessAlly is powering her membership site.

After using another tool that just wasn’t able to grow and scale with her for a few years, she’s at ease knowing that with AccessAlly she doesn’t have to make plans to rebuild her membership any time soon, especially since they’re continuing to release new features and improving with the ever-changing technological landscape.

Are You Ready To Scale Your Offerings?

If you’re like Jessica and ready to get your work out to more women (and men) take a closer look at what AccessAlly can do. We’ll give you a virtual tour how AccessAlly is helping membership site owners and course creators put the focus back on their members and reach participants around the world.

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Jessica Jennings

"With AccessAlly I doen’t have to make plans to rebuild my membership any time soon"

I was looking at other membership site software, but as soon as I got the email notification that AccessAlly was now compatible with ActiveCampaign… I signed up that day!

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