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Go ahead and click the download now button to get your Course Idea Workbook.

You can print these pages to help you get going. If you’d like to experience the full course ideation and marketing process, you’ll love the print version.

It’s available below and it contains all of the exercises that will help you market and pre-sell your course with ease.

Get a Physical Course Idea Planner

The download above is great to get you going.

But if you want to work in a distraction-free way, nothing beats pen and paper.

That’s why we put together the physical fill-in-the-blanks 190-page Course Idea Planner. It goes even deeper than the download above to help you hone your idea and marketing.

Grab your copy and get your idea fleshed out so you can pre-sell it successfully, with all of the copywriting prompts and advice you need.