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Screenshot of a community using AccessAlly's CommunityAlly

With CommunityAlly, Your Students and Members Connect With Purpose

Building a genuinely engaged community can help propel your courses and memberships to new depths.

Programs that offer a community element have higher retention rates and better course completion rates.

Some people even purchase digital programs because of the networking they can experience.

There’s nothing like being in the “right place” with the right people.

Now you can create that “place” for your members and students, with the Community tier of AccessAlly.

How does CommunityAlly work?

CommunityAlly puts you in charge of how you want to set up your communities.

Create one global community that everyone can access

This a perfect way to create space for members to network and connect with each other as part of your body of work.

Create smaller groups, one per course or cohort of a course

Give students in a cohort-based course the ability to connect with each other as they go through your lessons and training.

Create Discussions Within Groups To Keep Topics Organized

Dedicate discussion areas to different topics to help members find what they need, and get support more easily.

Screenshot of CommunityAlly Group Directory

What is the member experience like?

Your community feed lives alongside your courses and membership content.

Community members are shown in the group directory, so they can find and get to know each other better.

Group permissions are automatically handled when someone joins a program, whether it is free or paid. Members can choose to opt out.

All of the features designed to make your community a success

Your members can do everything you’d expect from:

  • Posting messages and responding to each other
  • Uploading images to their posts
  • Receiving notifications when someone responds or tags them

Plus the ability to run your community in any language you want, with a fully translated interface.

Screenshot of posting in CommunityAlly
Screenshot of notifications settings

Flexible notification settings for each member

Your members can decide how they want to be notified about new posts.

They might want to get email notifications or see them when they login, instead.

Create discussion threads around important topics

It’s easy to create focused discussions around course topics, to foster more hands-on learning.

Your discussions can also be embedded below course pages, to make it easier for members to post their thoughts or get feedback from the group.

Screenshot of discussions area

Here's what clients are saying about it:

Photo of Ginette Tessier

"Just wanted to say I am SO impressed with CommunityAlly!"

I was concerned about being able to keep threads from becoming unwieldy but the Discussions tab (and being able to add a shortcode into each relevant course lesson) is genius!

Thank you AccessAlly team!”
-Ginette Tessier,

If you've been looking for a way to nurture your community off Facebook...

CommunityAlly gives you the flexibility you need

Because it’s on WordPress, you have control over the look and feel of the site.

Plus all the conversations are stored on your server, and you’re not competing with ads on a social network like Facebook.

You can also give people the option of using an anonymous nickname if they would rather not share their real names.

Plus you can have better organization, with groups and discussions associated with each course or offering.

You can change the group settings at any time. Upload a new group header, or move the group to another area of the site. It’s up to you!

Why Community Should Be Integrated

Most options on the market fit into one of these two categories:

Stand Alone Community Platforms

Platforms like Mighty Networks and Circle are great if you want to have your own social network. But it’s yet another place for people to log into.

social Media sites like Facebook

If your community is in a Facebook group, you’re constantly competing with ads and other distractions. It doesn’t lead to the most in-depth discussions, either.

Have your courses, memberships, and communities all in one place

When you use AccessAlly to sell and deliver your digital offerings, it makes sense to house your community in the same place.

It’s one login for your members.

And just one place for you to manage: your content, and community.

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