AccessAlly 3.6.0 Release Notes

It’s time for a new paradigm that doesn’t separate courses, memberships, bulk licensing programs, and even affiliate centers from each other…

That’s why we built in a whole new way of creating the type of content that makes you money in AccessAlly.

It’s called Offerings.

With the brand new Offering wizard, you can choose a template that lines up with your goals and that fast tracks your setup.

Create a mix of free or paid courses, available instantly or dripped over time.

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New Features

  • A brand new look and feel for the entire AccessAlly plugin makes it easier on the eyes, and cuts out extra clicks so you can build and maintain your site faster.
  • New and improved sidebar and navigation! Now you can easily get to where you’re going right inside AccessAlly, with more streamlined sidebar options in the plugin.
  • New Offering wizard comes with templates for the most common use cases: free courses, dripped courses, memberships, teams, and affiliate centers. Plus you can nest offerings one inside another, avoiding the double work of duplicating content.
  • We added built-in dripped functionality to your offerings. Now you can decide when each module or piece of content will become available right inside AccessAlly, without the need to use your CRM campaign to trigger a change in permissions.
  • Re-designed Member Profile page: now you can see all of the relevant information for each member on their profile page, including any orders, subscriptions, tags, and progress through a dripped offering.
  • Icons got a whole lot more powerful. Now there’s a new “Completed” icon that will show when someone completes all of the objectives of a course or module. We also made it easier to keep icons set on sub-pages without overwriting them when they are added to other offerings.
  • Don’t like creating individual icons? No problem! Now AccessAlly’s 2-color style setting will automatically generate a set of icons for all of your offerings that look great out of the box.
  • We’ve added built-in opt-in forms, to make it easier to create free courses and affiliate programs. AccessAlly will automatically create an opt-in form that you can style or import into another plugin like PopupAlly Pro.
  • AccessAlly emails got a whole lot more flexible. Now you can send emails each time a new dripped module is released. You can also send welcome emails when someone opts in, joins a team, or becomes an affiliate. Plus all the personalized “merge fields” you’d expect to go along!
  • Easily archive multiple orders with the new bulk editing functionality. You’ll love the redesigned Sales tab which replaces the Purchase Log and combines all of the product settings. Plus now you can search for orders and subscriptions by offering!
  • Want an easier way to display your affiliate links? Now AccessAlly’s affiliate link shortcodes can display all of your links at once, and also comes with a fancy “copy to clipboard” setting for easier use.
  • New Webhook Generator is available on all of your WordPress admin pages. The Webhook generator makes it easier to grab the properly formatted link for your webhooks, and it explains when to use each type.
  • We’ve added a new Tags area under Settings, which pulls in all of your CRM tags and allows you to search and even create new tags right inside AccessAlly.
  • New email notification settings: now you can send a carbon copy of an invoice email to yourself or your accountant, for safe keeping.
Upgrade procedure: As always, it’s best to create a backup of your WordPress site before updating any plugin. Then please update both AccessAlly and ProgressAlly plugins to get the full functionality!

AccessAlly will automatically transfer any existing courses into the new offering wizard for you. This version is fully backward-compatible and your existing courses and setup will not be affected.


  • Purchase log timezone updated. The purchase log timezone used to be set to UTC by default, and now it will use the same timezone as in your AccessAlly General Settings.
  • Keep track of payments made through PayPal by setting a special PayPal purchase tag. This is great if you offer recurring billing through both PayPal and Stripe and need to display different options for managing payments. For example, PayPal subscriptions cannot have credits applied to skip payments.
  • We’ve added checkboxes to allow you to select and archive multiple orders from the list of orders!
  • It’s now more clear when a credit was applied to a payment plan, and the word “Credit” will show up both on the front end for clients and on the back end for administrators.
  • Now course and module icons will no longer be overwritten when adding a page to an existing offering.
  • We’ve enable Protected Content by default, so it’s easier to see and edit uploaded content.
  • Team Log: now there’s a link to the manage team page, so it’s even easier to see what changes are happening with your active teams.
  • Now you will see a balance due column in the Purchase Log export (now under Sales).
  • We’ve set a default for the site URL setting to prevent double-billing.
  • You won’t see the “Create account” checkbox on Offers anymore. Now it will just happen by default, to make it even easier for members to access their content after they purchase.
  • We’ve updated the Teams Management shortcode to improve ease of use, with a new “copy to clipboard” version of the self-registration link.
  • There’s also a new “sample CSV” file that gets generated based on any custom fields you have set up for your teams, to make it easier for your team leaders to bulk import team members properly.
  • Now you can clone teams, and save yourself the work of re-creating the wheel for different offerings that need to be sold in bulk.
  • To simplify setup, now AccessAlly automatically creates custom fields in your CRM for you when setting up a template that requires one.
  • New “dynamic team access” functionality added to pages. This gives you the ability to show team members the same set of pages and content as the team leader. It’s a useful way to manage different teams that have access to different content, through a credit system.

Ditch the duct tape with AccessAlly for WordPress.

Run your online courses, memberships, coaching programs, and communities in one place.

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