How To Use Content Marketing To Grow Your Email List

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Growing your email list is one of the best ways to increase your traffic, engagement, and conversion metrics.

Email potentially affords you exclusive access to a consumer, right in the place where they communicate with their friends, colleagues, and families.

That’s great access, and its understandable that email acquisition and lead generation is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing.

But the question on everybody’s lips is: how best to use content marketing to grow that list?

We’ve assembled our best tips and tricks for boosting your content marketing game to grow and enhance your email marketing list with new, high quality leads. Read on.

Create great, sharable content

This one’s a no brainer—if you pack your content marketing full of great, entertaining, and valuable content, it will get shared! People will forward it to their friends, who will subscribe in turn.

This is perhaps the easiest tip to conceptualize but perhaps one of the hardest to do well. It’s difficult to create quality content, but the rewards are obvious.

Just try to think about how you can add value to your content—short, sharable videos, posted to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and the rest are a great way to get people interested in your brand. And once there, they’re just a few steps from that magical subscribe button!

Optimize your subscription flow

This is very important. How many clicks does it take for someone to subscribe to your email list? If it takes more than three clicks, or takes more than 10 seconds, you have failed.

Remember, humans are fickle creatures, and people are generally disinclined to give away their email address. Make sure that your subscription process doesn’t ask unnecessary questions or throw up too many different pages in between them and the confirmation email. You want to make subscribing as easy as possible.

Studies have shown this to be true: one found that a “radical webpage redesign” was able to boost subscription rates an unbelievable 173 percent.

Add an email gate

If your content is getting clicks but your list isn’t getting emails added to it, maybe you need to make it more obvious. To push your email list a bit more aggressively, add a subscription gate to your content.

This doesn’t need to be a hard gate, but rather a soft one: a lightboxed, non mandatory subscription prompt over the content is enough.

Don’t force them to do it in order to see the content—no one likes to be held hostage like that. But do gently push them to subscribe with a popover message and some slick copy. Research has shown that these subscription popups, though perhaps slightly annoying, do not affect bounce rate and have a positive effect on subscription numbers.

Email is exponential

You’d be surprised how just a few tweaks can make all the difference when accumulating emails. It seems that people are fine with giving out their email addresses, they just need to be reminded of the benefits.

If you haven't chosen an email marketing automation platform yet, check out the full CRM comparison guide here.

With these simple tweaks, you should be able to grow your email list without completely revamping your content marketing strategy. Good luck!

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