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Unfortunately, Kartra is missing a few key integrations for us to release this functionality.

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That’s where you come in.

With enough requests, the Kartra team will prioritize this development so you can use AccessAlly with Kartra!

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Feature Request:


I would like to use the AccessAlly + Kartra integration, but there are a few key features missing to make this happen. They are:

  • Ability to create tags through the API: currently, it is not possible to create tags through the API, so all tags can only be created manually through the client interface.
  • Get tag ID through API: we can retrieve the list of tags through the “retrieve_account_tags” API call. However, the tag list is in sequential order, NOT according to the tag ID. Kartra definitely stores the tags using the tag ID, as we can see it in the client interface. It wouldn’t require a big change: instead of returning the tag in a list, use the tag ID as the array index. Alternatively, add a new API call that returns both the tag ID and name.
  • Get a list of custom fields through API: it is currently not possible to retrieve a list of custom fields using the API.
  • Using custom fields as dynamic variables in an email: we couldn’t find a way to include a custom field when writing an email. This is useful when adding the lead’s login info (password being stored in a custom field) to the welcome email.
  • Add lead identifier to Thank You URL (for opt-in and purchase): AccessAlly has a feature to generate a login immediately on opt-in / purchase. This requires the lead information (either the lead ID or email) being added to the Thank You URL. For example: https://your-domain.com/thank-you?email=abc%40abc.com&id=123

Thank you so much in advance!

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