AmbitionAlly is Now AccessAlly

“You should change your name.”

Yep, that’s the kind of advice I’ve received over the years.

The first time I considered changing my personal name, I was just a few months into my business…

It was clear why I had to change my name.

Nathalie Lussier is hard to spell, and confusing to pronounce.

I was convinced that if I changed my name to something simpler, my business would be more successful. (Silver bullet, anyone?!)

Luckily, my husband and my parents reasoned with me, and I kept my name.

But today I’m writing to announce a REAL name change.

We’re changing the business from AmbitionAlly to AccessAlly

Although I’ve loved the name AmbitionAlly these past few years, and my devotion to helping ambitious business owners is still at the heart of my work…

I now have a bigger vision for this business.

It’s no longer just about ambition, but it’s about removing the barriers to access.

Providing access to education, resources, and tools to those who need it. All over the world.

It’s because we believe that access to education can help defy stereotypes and make the world a better place, while providing a sustainable livelihood for enterprising teachers.

We’re still offering PopupAlly Pro, and our AccessAlly course automation solution.

As of today we’re officially AccessAlly, the company.

Ambitionally is now AccessAlly

Thanks for coming along on this journey with us, name changes and all.

You are the reason we do what we do!

-Nathalie “keeping this name” Lussier

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