Save Hours With This Online Course Creation Template

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We get it. You want to create an online course, but have no idea where to start.

You read article after article, watch video after video, and yet you always find yourself in the same spot: stuck.

The thing is, there’s a ton of information out there and sometimes it can all get a little overwhelming.

What can I skip? What’s actually important?

Well after much trial and error and years of experience dealing with these questions ourselves, we at AccessAlly have found the perfect solution.

Introducing… The Course Idea Planner!

Course Idea Planner ebook cover

Whether you want to focus on client research or marketing, the Course Idea Planner is 190 pages of fill-in-the-blank goodness designed specifically to help you make your ideas a reality and get you on your way to online-course world domination (too much?).

Each template is specially curated to help you create your first online course quickly and easily.

You’ll learn how to do customer research and competitive research, and refine your idea so that it’s the best fit for your audience and expertise.

Plus, you’ll find out how to write a marketing plan and create a sales page that sells your course! Even if you’re an online course veteran, having something like this to actually jot your ideas down and map them out is invaluable.

Oftentimes, other online course guides only outline strategies and tips without giving you a proper chance to implement them yourself. Plus you’re likely learning online with all of the distractions that come with that.

In contrast, with fill-in-the-blank templates and pages of interactive content and strategies, the Course Idea Planner actually gives you the opportunity to be the creative boss you’re meant to be. It exists to truly help you succeed.

Essentially, learning how to create an online course should not cost thousands of dollars, or take years to figure out.

With the Course Idea Planner, it doesn’t.

All it requires is you and those amazing ideas you’ve yet to share with the world.

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