How to Scale Your Coaching Business with Additional Coaches

If you’re a coach, you know you can provide amazing coaching sessions for your clients.

But sometimes it can feel like there’s no way to scale because you can’t possibly put another call on your already overloaded calendar.

So you might consider starting a group coaching program.

That’s a great way to help more clients at once. 

But with group work, some clients fall through the cracks. Either the group call schedule doesn’t work for them so they don’t show up, or they don’t feel safe enough to ask their questions or get feedback in front of the group.

That’s understandable, really.

So what many coaches end up doing is training or certifying other coaches with their method.

This way, they can still offer individual 1-1 sessions to clients, but they don’t need to do all of the sessions themselves.

We’ll take a look at some ways to build your own team of certified coaches.

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Two Methods for Scaling Your Coaching Business

1. Create a directory of certified coaches

Directories of certified coaches can greatly benefit both coaches and potential clients.

  • For coaches, it provides exposure to a wider audience and the opportunity to showcase their skills and expertise.
  • For potential clients, it offers a convenient way to find and connect with coaches who are qualified and experienced in specific areas.

Though an important aspect to note while you are creating a directory of certified coaches for potential clients to directly book with is that – you’re not involved after a coach is certified in your methodology.

They have their own website and set their own prices, you’re just providing your method and sending potential clients their way.

By having a certification program ensures that coaches are trained in your methodology and can provide consistent and high-quality services to clients.

AccessAlly is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create both certification training programs and directories of certified coaches that people can browse publicly. 

It also allows for easy management of the certification program and directory, making it a convenient solution for coaches and business owners alike.

Overall, implementing a certified coach directory can be a valuable addition to any coaching business.

Screenshot of a coach directory
Here clients can select which coach they would like to work with, using AccessAlly’s team feature.

2. Enrolling clients with trained coaches

Another way to scale your coaching business is to pay certified coaches to work with clients in your program.

By paying certified coaches to work with clients that you bring into your programs: you are the one enrolling clients, and from there they will work with coaches that you’ve trained.

This gives you an additional revenue source, but you’re also managing the coaches and client experience.

One benefit of paying certified coaches to work with your clients is that it allows you to scale your business without sacrificing quality.

By providing your clients with access to trained coaches, you can offer more personalized support that can help them achieve their goals.

But setting up a system that actually manages all of the coaches you’ve trained and the clients you’re bringing in can be tricky.

This is where AccessAlly’s Team functionality comes in.

Ditch the duct tape with AccessAlly for WordPress.

Run your online courses, memberships, coaching programs, and communities in one place.

Duct tape See it in action

How AccessAlly’s Team functionality can help manage coaches and clients

Let’s say you have 4 trained coaches who can each take on 5 clients.

How do you keep track of who is working with each coach, and what happens if one of your coaches is more popular and gets booked out?

With the AccessAlly team feature, you would set up each coach as the leader of a team. You decide how many spots each team leader or coach can handle.

Then you can use the AccessAlly directory feature to showcase your coaches.

This directory can include any number of fields, from a short bio, a coach’s timezone, and anything else you’d like to add.

Then you can enable the “team switching” checkbox, which lets your clients choose which team to join, and even switch coaches down the line.

They just click the button next to the coach they would like to work with, and then you can have an automation that sends the client an email with scheduling instructions or display those on the site.

From the coach’s perspective, they can log in to the members’ area and visit their leadership dashboard.

They will see all of the clients who are signed up to work with them. They can initiate private messages with them and even see their progress in any courses or onboarding steps you’ve designed for your members’ area.

This is just one way that AccessAlly helps you build a scalable business, on your terms. 

AccessAlly handles everything from taking payments for your certification program, delivering the program, and ensuring your participants are gaining knowledge through quizzing and then displaying them in a directory once they’ve graduated. 

It will also handle sign-ups for recurring or one-time clients who wish to work with your certified coaches.

Scale your coaching business with AccessAlly

We’ve discussed some effective strategies to help you scale your coaching business with other coaches. 

From certifying other coaches in your unique methodology and sending clients their way using a public directory. Or by certifying coaches and making it easier for your clients to self-select which coach they will work with.

You’ve also seen why choosing the right platform to support your coaching practice is key. 

AccessAlly is an all-in-one tool that comes with built-in features like eCommerce tools, and integrations with CRMs to centralize the creation, promotion, and selling of your certification and coaching services in one place. 

It’s a game-changer for scaling your coaching business.

If you’re looking for the right tool to support you, we highly recommend trying AccessAlly today.

Explore AccessAlly now and take your coaching business to the next level.

You might change your mind about what features you want, so you need a platform that's flexible.

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