My Full SurferSEO Review

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If you’ve heard about Surfer SEO, then you know it’s meant to help you optimize your website content to help you rank your website better in search engines.

So is it all it’s hyped up to be?

Can using SurferSEO to optimize your blog posts and web pages help you get much more traffic?

I’ll show you some examples of blog posts we’ve optimized using SurferSEO, and the traffic we’ve gotten as a result.

Plus a quick SurferSEO tutorial to help you see how it works.

The first thing you need to know is that SurferSEO is a tool, and you still need to be the person in the driver’s seat.

There will be times when SurferSEO recommends you do something like add a bazillion images, link two pages that don’t make sense to link together… or even have you write content that your audience doesn’t care about.

Take the suggestions with a grain of salt, and remember that it is meant to help you improve your efforts.

Is Surfer SEO any good & how does it work?

First, Surfer SEO is a software-as-a-service tool that helps you do a few things, but the primary reason I personally use it is to help optimize pages on my website for better search results.

It looks at the best-ranking content for your keywords and tells you what these pages are doing well to rank. That’s it!

Because Surfer SEO does all of the research through software, you don’t need to do all of the work of analyzing the top results yourself.

I would add that you should look at keywords and topics where you can offer brand new angles and ideas, instead of just trying to copy what’s working right now.

That’s one place relying on SEO tools can get you in trouble.

What is SurferSEO?

Surfer SEO helps with on page SEO by giving you specific suggestions to improve your content. Often this is done by:

  • Suggesting a word count for your blog post or page
  • Offering a keyword research tool to make sure search engines know what your content is about
  • Helping to analyze existing content using a seed keyword and giving you keyword suggestions that are related
  • Suggesting the number of images and even basic backlink analysis to recommend interlinking between content on your site

Unlike Surfer SEO alternatives, you can do the majority of your SEO workflow right inside the tool. That means you do your keyword research, look at search volume, apply on page SEO, and run a whole site audit.

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Is SurferSEO free and Surfer SEO Pricing Concerns?

I hear you, you have Surfer SEO cost concerns. I was hesitant at first to invest in Surfer SEO because I was already paying for SEM Rush, but it’s a completely different SEO tool.

You can start on the lower-priced plan and you can do your own Surfer SEO review, to see if it will meet your content editor needs.

You get a set number of Surfer SEO content editor credits per month, as well as a number of content audit credits. I find both to be helpful, but the most useful part of this SEO tool is the content editor.

How do you use SurferSEO?

In my video Surfer SEO review, you saw this SEO tool in action but it always helps to see an example of a post that was optimized using the keyword research suggestions.

This post all about how to create a portal website, is an example of a post that used Surfer SEO to improve keyword density and make sure we hit all of the most important ranking factors.

As of this publishing date, this blog post ranks #4 for the keyword. This post didn’t get a ton of extra love or inbound links, but it is performing really well nonetheless.

I credit that to the power of the keywords Surfer SEO suggests and implement the recommendations from Surfer SEO.

So that’s the gist of how SurferSEO works. I think there’s a lot of benefit in pairing SurferSEO with Jasper AI, to help you write more words, faster. Watch my Jasper AI review video now.

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