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AccessAlly 2016 Releases

AccessAlly 2.0.8 Release Notes: 05/01/2016

New Features

“aal_batchsync” operation

  • Designed to handle timed program release. When using aal_updateuser to release a module / program at a set time for multiple clients, the amount of HTTP Post / Ping URL traffic might cause the WordPress server to fail, so not all of the clients get the updated access.
  • The aal_batchsync operation replaces aal_updateuser, and instead of processing the update immediately for a particular user, it waits 5 minutes and then updates all users in the system. This means all the users will sync to the updated permission tags, even if the server rejects some of the HTTP Post / Ping URL traffic.



aal_genpass existing user detection

  • Before creating a new user, AccessAlly will now check if the contact ID already exists in the system. If so, it will change the email to match the email address in the CRM system (if different).
  • In previous versions, the duplicate check was done by email, which has the potential of creating multiple users with the same contact ID. For example
    1. Contact 123 purchased product 1 with email [email protected], so a user was created with login [email protected].
    2. Contact 123 asks the admin to update the email to [email protected], and the change was done in the CRM without notifying AccessAlly.
    3. Contact 123 purchases product 2 with [email protected]. In the previous versions, a new user will be created with login [email protected] linking to the same contact ID 123. With the update, a new user is NOT created, and the original user ([email protected]) will be updated with [email protected] as login and email.

Webinar shortcode adder

  • Add customization for whether to show (1) related video at the end of the webinar recording playback and (2) the share button at the top right corner. The default is to not show related value or the share button.


Bug Fixes

Credit card update for Ontraport

  • Fix credit card update operation error, even though the updates were successful.

AccessAlly 2.0.9 Release Notes: 06/01/2016

New Features

Backend styling panel supports templates, custom options and live preview

  • A set of ready-to-use style templates are provided with different color schemes. The ‘Custom’ option offers more customization yet is easy to tweak. Meanwhile, the existing full CSS is still available under ‘Advanced’ option.
  • Live preview for selected items is added to assist styling, including login widget, webinar, custom operation button, and a series of profile related controls.

Affiliate leaderboard (Tutorials)

  • The leaderboard is designed to display the leads/sales ranking of all affiliates during a time period. There are three ranking options: leads, number of sales, and total dollar amount of sales.
    • Leads: The total number of opt-in and sales referred by an affiliate, including all programs and products.
    • Number of sales: The number of sales referred by an affiliate. Filters can be set for selected products, or to include all.
    • Total dollar amount of sales: The total money of sales introduced by an affiliate. Filters can be set for selected products, or to include all. When integrated with Infusionsoft, the value is calculated on the invoices which contain the selected products. Note that if the invoice contains other products, the total amount of entire invoice is used. When integrated with Ontraport, the value always reflects the true amount of sales for selected products.
  • Leaderboard data automatically update daily. The timestamp of last update is included in the display.
  • The detail settings of leaderboards are under the AccessAlly settings. The shortcode [affiliate_leaderboard] is available in the quick-add menu of the page/post editor.

Affiliate leads data

  • The new shortcode [affiliate_leads] is designed to display the number of leads (opt-in + sales) from an affiliate during a time period. It is also available in the quick-add menu of page/post editor.

Read more about AccessAlly’s affiliate management plugin features.


Add new stylings and CSS for controls

  • CSS for Billing/shipping address control and credit card update control is added to the ‘Advanced’ option in the backend styling panel.
  • More CSS classes are added to the table generated by [affiliate_details] shortcode for better styling and customization.

Add warning to workflow wizard course update

  • When existing courses are updated in the workflow wizard, the course icons and sales redirect will be overwritten by the new values set in the wizard. A warning message will be shown when these values are empty to prevent accidentally overwriting existing values.

AccessAlly 2.0.10 Release Notes: 06/20/2016

This month, we’re really excited to announce the latest updates in our AccessAlly membership plugin for WordPress.

Here’s what we’ve got:

Tag-based split testing

  • This feature allows a random assignment of tags based on a customized probability that you’ve set up in your CRM platform. This feature is great to use when testing the effectiveness of different automation sequences.
  • You can split-test different content and/or links on the membership site, based on the specific split test tag that is assigned.

Countdown Timer

  • Now you can create countdown timers based on a custom field value. This can help improve conversion rates during time-sensitive promotions.
  • The start time of the custom field countdown time can be assigned based on when a client signs up or makes a purchase, or when the user visits the membership site.

An all-access option that overrides the permission tags

  • Any user with this option checked can access any posts/pages, regardless of the permission tags specified within the pages.
  • Conditional content inside posts/pages still obeys the permission setting by shortcodes.
  • Only a website admin can view or configure this option.


Added conditional redirect editor in permission panel

  • The entire permission control (both tags and conditional redirect) for pages and posts can now be configured in the permission panel of AccessAlly settings.

Search for contacts by email in the user management section

  • The user management panel in the AccessAlly settings now lets you search for contacts by email address. No need to search for the Contact ID in Infusionsoft or Ontraport anymore (although you still have the option to search by Contact ID as well).

Only show valid cards in the credit card list

  • (Infusionsoft Only) invalid/inactive/deleted credit cards will be hidden in the credit card control of this shortcode [accessally_credit_card_update]

AccessAlly 2.1.0 Release Notes: 07/29/2016

This latest update for our membership site plugin includes a much-anticipated, full integration with ActiveCampaign. 

New Features

Integration with ActiveCampaign

  • ActiveCampaign is officially introduced as a new CRM integration option (in addition to Infusionsoft and Ontraport).
  • The essential AccessAlly features work identically, whether integrated with ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, or Ontraport.
  • Because ActiveCampaign does not have built-in eCommerce or Affiliate Tracking, the corresponding features in AccessAlly are also disabled when it is integrated with ActiveCampaign.


Login control

  • The login shortcode is added to the AccessAlly Shortcode Adder, along with optional parameter customization.
  • The default styling of the submit button is now right-aligned.

Credit card listing display for Ontraport

  • Because Ontraport only permits 1 credit card to be stored per contact, the button text now switches between “Add” and “Update”, based on whether or not there is an existing credit card.

User Profile tag list display

  • Tags are now shown in alphabetical order.
  • Filtering has been added to the tag list, making it easier to search for a specific tag.

All-Access debug feature

  • The All-Access switch will bypass permission tag requirements and conditional redirects, allowing admins to see every page/post without the need to add all the permission tags.

Workaround for Visual Composer

  • The Visual Composer theme interfered with AccessAlly Permission Tag settings when only 1 tag was configured. A workaround was added to prevent the interference.

Empty shortcode formatting

  • Consecutive conditional display shortcodes that render empty content will not add new lines.

AccessAlly Pro 1.2.7 Release Notes: 07/29/2016

Formerly ProgressAlly. With this latest update, AccessAlly Pro users can take their gamification to the next level with new quiz features and a super helpful import/export option.

New Features

Import / Export settings

  • This will allow you to export any saved AccessAlly Pro settings of a post/page to a separate file.
  • The import feature will allow an admin to take the exported AccessAlly Pro file and import it to a page/post.
  • The import/export feature allows admins to build objectives/quizzes on a test page/site before deploying on a live site with 1-click.


Multiple outcomes of a graded quiz

  • Graded quizzes can show different messages based on the final score. HTML code is allowed in the message, so the quiz creator can use different graphics/styling based on the quiz score.
  • Existing graded quizzes will continue to function as before;  the ‘Final Result Message Text’ is shown regardless of score. The quiz creator can add additional outcomes to existing quizzes, if desired.

Pass/fail threshold for graded quiz

  • When configured, the Quiz objective can only be marked as completed if the clients score higher than the threshold. When combined with the AccessAlly Pro Objective tagging, the quiz creator can restrict the release of the next module only when the clients have passed the current quiz.
  • For existing graded quizzes, the pass/fail threshold default to 0, so any score is treated as a “pass”.

AccessAlly 2.1.1 Release Notes: 09/01/2016

The latest update for our AccessAlly plugin includes an important bug fix for Ontraport users, a new user migration wizard, and more!

Released in August 2016.


Date Format Customization

  • Allows you to specify which date format is used by AccessAlly (YYYY/MM/DD, MM/DD/YYYY, etc).
  • Currently, AccessAlly shows dates in order listings, subscription listings, and affiliate details.

User Migration Wizard Add-on

  • Batch create AccessAlly users, based on a list of existing contacts in Infusionsoft, Ontraport, or ActiveCampaign.
  • Perfect for creating logins for existing clients and migrating from another platform to AccessAlly.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated the Ontraport affiliate leaderboard display logic to show affiliate names. The feature was showing blank names due to a recent change in the Ontraport API.

AccessAlly Pro 1.2.8 Release Notes: 09/01/2016

The August update for our AccessAlly Pro plugin includes the addition of a new quiz type and a customized certificate to offer your students when they complete a course!

Formerly ProgressAlly. Released in August 2016.

New Features

New quiz type: scoring test

  • A scoring test allows you to assign a different score value to each answer in a question.
  • You can customize the quiz result shown based on the sum of all the scores, with some answers having a higher value than others.

(Video tutorial available in our Knowledgebase)

Certificate generation

  • Create a customized certificate with the member’s name and date of course completion.
  • You can upload your own PDF template as a starting point.

(Video tutorial available in our Knowledgebase)

AccessAlly 2.1.2 Release Notes: 10/20/2016

Released in October 2016.

New Feature

Payment Integration (ActiveCampaign only)

  • NOTE: This feature is in beta and is only available when integrated with ActiveCampaign.
  • Add your own product order forms to a page on your website. Clients can purchase via PayPal.
  • Order forms are customizable so you can match them to your site / brand.
  • Order forms are mobile-responsive, so clients can place orders from desktop computers and mobile devices.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated Amazon SDK namespace to avoid conflict with other plugins.
  • Fixed leaderboard calculation issue that arose when the end date was left blank.

AccessAlly Pro 1.2.9 Release Notes: 10/20/2016

Formerly ProgressAlly. Released in October 2016.

New Features

Progress reporting

  • The progress reports displays an overview of user completion statistics for all pages/posts.
  • Show detailed statistics for each objective in the “Statistics” tab on each post/page.
  • Show user-specific progress statistics in the User Profile.


“Page / Post” objective type replaces the “Use local objectives” option.

  • A new objective type, “Page / Post” is introduced in this update. This allows you to better track the overall progress on a parent page, as clients complete each of the child modules.
  • Existing setups are not affected: any page previously configured as a parent page (with the “use local objectives” option unchecked) will be populated with the new objectives.
  • The parent page can now show an objective table, so clients can see which module is completed / still need to be worked on.
  • You can now add additional objectives (regular / video / quiz) to the parent page, in addition to tracking child page progress.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the “background” color customization in the “AccessAlly Pro_progress_pie_chart” and “AccessAlly Pro_progress_bar” shortcodes.

AccessAlly Pro 1.3.0 Release Notes: 10/25/2016

This is a bug fix release in October 2016.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix database interaction issue where objectives were displayed out of order.
  • Remove newline characters from the “AccessAlly Pro_objectives” shortcode, which was causing display issue in certain OptimizePress text blocks.

AccessAlly 2.1.3 Release Notes: 10/26/2016

Bug fix release in October 2016.

Bug Fixes

  • Change the webinar start method to use Youtube Live Event for better control of account and visibility settings.

AccessAlly 2.1.4 Release Notes: 12/14/2016

Released in December 2016.

New Features

Stripe Payment Options Integration

  • Integration with Stripe, which allows users to purchase a product by entering their credit card information directly through AccessAlly without having to use PayPal.
  • This feature requires the server to have a SSL certificate.
  • The credit card payment workflow is fully PCI compliant.

ConvertKit integration

  • We are excited to announce full membership integration with ConvertKit.
  • All of AccessAlly’s existing functionality is implemented with ConvertKit, including automatic login creation, permission management, custom field / credit operations, and payment processing / automation.
  • Since ConvertKit doesn’t track affiliates, the corresponding affiliate features in AccessAlly are disabled when integrated with ConvertKit.


Allow date ranges for affiliate leads shortcode

  • New optional parameters in the affiliate leads shortcode will display how many leads each affiliate has had within a specified time period, rather than just a rolling window for the last [x] days.

Workflow wizards

  • Added tag refresh buttons that will update the existing tag list from the CRM without refreshing the entire page.
  • Added custom posts to existing page selection. This feature will permit users to choose from pages created as custom posts when building a course in the Workflow Wizard. With this option, you’ll be able to integrate with other plugins like LearnDash, which uses its own unique post type.

AccessAlly Pro 1.3.1 Release Notes: 12/15/2016

Formerly ProgressAlly. Released in December 2016.

New Feature

AccessAlly Pro Reports

  • Quiz statistics are now available in the admin dashboard.
  • A search box allows admins to quickly navigate to the appropriate page/post to access the statistics overview.
  • Detailed statistics for each page are now available in the admin dashboard (instead of in the settings on the individual pages) and can be accessed through the page overview or the search box.
  • The number of unique users who have access to a page/post is now visible to help give an idea of the overall objective or quiz completion rate.


Reorder Objectives

  • This feature permits admins to easily reorder objectives within a page.

Added an email share option in the social share shortcode

  • Users can easily share a page or post via email, which will auto-include a subject line and a link to the post/page inside the email body.

Shortcodes enabled in the Private Notes admin replies

  • Admins can now add shortcodes to their Private Note replies. This is only enabled for admin messages and only when the “Enable HTML code” checkbox is checked.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the update issue where multiple instances of the same Private Note are added to the same page.
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