Celebrating Membership Day

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On February 28, we are celebrating Membership Day—a day where we appreciate and acknowledge the amazing community built around online memberships. This includes the people who run membership sites and courses, the people who join them, and everything in between.

In the spirit of Membership Day, AccessAlly took to our Facebook community to ask those who run membership sites:

What advice do you have for people just starting out with their memberships?

Here’s what they said…

Bobby Klinck BobbyKlinck.com

“On the marketing side, the best advice I have is to focus on the customer experience and getting people results.

While most people think of marketing as what happens on the front end to get people to buy, the real key to building a thriving business is overdelivering so that you get repeat customers!

Getting clients results is the best form of marketing there is. And with a membership, this is how you reduce churn and increase the lifetime value of members.

But the lawyer in me also has to say… make sure you have a membership agreement that addresses all the important terms (including how to cancel).

The last thing you want is to end up hanging out with lawyers because of a dispute that you could have avoided with clear terms.”

Nathalie Doremieux TheMembershipLab.com

“As a membership site owner of The Membership Lab (I have 3 different offers), I would say get clear on your model before you pick the tool to build it.

There are no best tools for everyone but there is definitely a great tool stack for you once you have defined the features you absolutely want, the ones that would be nice to have and what tool it needs to integrate with (think your CRM…).

It’s easier to pick the tool once you know what it needs to do!”

Andrea Schroeder CreativeDreamIncubator.com

“Give your members lots of opportunities to provide feedback and make requests. You can’t necessarily do everything that everyone wants, but being open to hearing their ideas is important and gives you so much information.

Some of the best ideas for things I’ve done in my membership came from the members.”

Samantha Brook Johnston NeapolitanCreative.com

“I don’t run a membership but I’ve built and manage a lot of them.

My best advice?

Less is better. Don’t overwhelm your members by putting everything in front of them all at once. Control the flow of the content and help them through it. It will ensure that your members consume your content, achieve success and become raving fans.

And a bonus piece of advice:

Create a failed payment plan. I recently heard of someone who was using an alternative platform and the members weren’t able to update their cards and when a payment failed, they were immediately kicked out. Imagine the churn that they had!!!”

Josh Ovett MobilePocketOffice.com

“Start with AccessAlly so you don’t have to built it twice. Prompting: ‘I wish I used AccessAlly.’

Just moving a client who built a ton of sites in Kajabi and for every site, the buyer has a different URL and login causing customer service nightmares of momentus proportions.

They just said ‘we can’t wait to consolidate it all in AccessAlly.'”

Celebrating YOU

You can’t celebrate Membership Day without acknowledging the most integral element of your site: your members! Today is THE day to recognize and appreciate those in your community for their wins along their membership journey and their amazing results.

What are you doing to celebrate your members, on Membership Day or in general? Let us know!

A big thank you to Membership Geeks for leading the charge on Membership Day—it would not have been possible without them!

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