Infusionsoft Membership Integration Made Easy

Infusionsoft is a phenomenal piece of software to use when you have a solid, thriving business and are looking for new ways to grow and connect with your tribe.

There are many ways to use Infusionsoft to automate and scale your business, but one of my favorite methods is to use it as a tool when creating or enhancing your WordPress membership site.

Since Infusionsoft offers rich, customizable opportunities for you to really tailor the experience of your contacts, using a membership plugin with surface-level integration that only barely touches on the tags and complex system of Infusionsoft will decrease the efficiency of your membership site. With a lack of tailored, personalized experience for your members, there’s less opportunity to earn additional income from your courses and existing customers.

There are a couple of membership plugins available currently that offer some form of integration with Infusionsoft. If you’d like to learn more about those, we provide a thorough review of membership plugins in another article.

But because of a need for advanced Infusionsoft membership integration that other plugins weren’t able to provide for us, we decided to create a solution that would save us time and money in terms of programming setup and site options.

This solution came in the form of our WordPress membership plugin, AccessAlly.

Here are a few of the awesome capabilities of Infusionsoft that we found can really enhance your members-only area:

A Tailored Experience Through Infusionsoft Tags

The beauty of Infusionsoft lies in its robust tagging system and campaign designs. This system works so well that someone who is active and interested in learning more can be shown a different chain of content than someone who doesn’t interact with the material you’re sending them.

With proper Infusionsoft membership integration, this can also be taken advantage of for your free and paying members.

AccessAlly was made specifically for the Infusionsoft system, and will automatically apply Infusionsoft tags to members based on their actions, and vise versa. You set up the plan in Infusionsoft, and let AccessAlly keep the experience coherent.

When you’re initially creating your courses, AccessAlly also automatically creates the tags you need for the new courses in Infusionsoft, saving you a lot of back and forth spent in programming setup.

Infusionsoft’s Detailed CRM & Your Membership Accounts

Along those same lines, Infusionsoft’s CRM keeps track of your contacts with detailed accuracy. Take advantage of this CRM especially during membership account creation.

The parameters of membership can be determined by your Infusionsoft campaigns: with free memberships, paid memberships, or a combination of both. Simply set up the membership campaign strategy within Infusionsoft, and AccessAlly takes care of the rest, creating a unique username and password for each member.

Here it’s great to rely on the advanced capabilities of Infusionsoft, which will automatically check to make sure a user is not already in the system, preventing accidental duplicate accounts. (And if anyone happens to sign up with two different email accounts, AccessAlly offers an easy way to merge contacts without losing any data!)

This integration also comes in handy if someone decides to cancel their membership – or simply stop paying for it. When set up properly, Infusionsoft can be used to simply revoke access to the membership site setup with AccessAlly.

Integration For Credit Card Information & Recurring Payments

Taking proper care of payment information is essential to making sure the money keeps rolling in with your membership site! This is one place where the Infusionsoft membership integration can get tricky, especially if you’re working with a lot of different plugins to get the job done.

Screenshot of update credit card page

With AccessAlly, we made sure that our customers are able to securely manage and update their own credit card payments. Gone are the days when we want to be emailed for every “please change my card on file” need.

If for some reason, a credit card is rejected, the Infusionsoft integration also enables you to send out an automatic email.

This email is a lifesaver. Many times, with a quick automated follow up, the problem is solved without you having to lift a finger. Your clients just login to your AccessAlly site, update their card on file, and they can even swap between different cards if they prefer for this next payment.

When you’re offering recurring subscription payments (a must for higher-priced memberships and courses), or if you have a really large group of members, this automation will also save you hundreds of hours spent on basic, unnecessary customer service. Put your efforts towards real interaction instead of updating credit card numbers!

Save Time With Password Resets

How much manual customer service are you willing to put into your membership site? As your business grows, even the simplest of questions and requests by your members might drown you – and your full-time customer service team members.

Screenshot of password reset pageFor example, if one of your members loses or forgets their password, AccessAlly communicates with Infusionsoft instantly for a password reset that is automatically emailed to the member. If you’re familiar with many of the more popular membership sites, this might sound like a no-brainer: but there are plenty of membership sites that require you to manually reset the password or email it to a customer.

Once we grew to thousands of eager participants in our membership area, we knew that there was no way we’d ever go back to manual customer service processes if a reliable automated one was available!

Taking Advantage of the Infusionsoft Affiliates Program

Infusionsoft offers a reliable and thorough affiliate program that can save you a lot of time and effort, accurately tracking unique links that are connected with specific affiliate partners.

We love using affiliates to help share our products and help them to earn a living as well.

Screenshot of affiliate ledger

Fortunately, AccessAlly was also created with this end in mind. By utilizing the Infusionsoft membership integration to the max, anyone who signs up for your affiliate program receives access to your membership site – but with access to whatever unique materials you have available for them to use.

They can also see their sales stats, get the name and email of the people who purchased through their affiliate link, and see payments that are due to them. Again, this reduces administration on your part, and it encourages more promotion from your affiliates! Learn more about AccessAlly’s affiliate management functionality.

Using Infusionsoft to Upsell Your Products

Infusionsoft campaigns provide the perfect tool to use when you’ve got an upsell opportunity to share with your members.

But why rely on external emails and points of contact when you could be doing the same thing within your own membership site?

The AccessAlly member dashboard offers a full view for the members, enabling them to see what they do or do not have access to yet. This setup provides the same incentive as browsing in a store: you walk in to get one thing, but end up leaving with a few more purchases. No pressure, just a good design.

infusionsoft membership integration

Advanced Integrations and Your Site’s Stability

Before developing our own Infusionsoft membership integration solution, our AccessAlly team used other plugins to get the job done. Some of these plugins did extremely well for us and we were satisfied with the depth of integration, but as we began to scale our business, we ran into an unexpected headache: the plugin couldn’t handle the volume of traffic we were getting.

With constant pings and constant interaction with Infusionsoft, our membership site slowed down and at times became totally unusable. Definitely not a great discovery when you’ve worked hard to scale to a level of several thousand people!

Definitely not what you want to have happened to a thriving membership site!

Fortunately, we were able to pinpoint the problems and knew that we could create an upgraded solution with AccessAlly. By carefully creating specific parameters within the Infusionsoft membership integration, AccessAlly is able to communicate with increased accuracy – and decreased detrimental effects on our own site.

This is definitely something to keep in mind if you’re thinking about what it will take to sustain a large volume of users within your membership site.

Maximizing Customization & Design

If you’re putting the effort into a tailored experience and taking advantage of Infusionsoft’s robust system, you want this experience to be felt by the users as well, from the moment they reach the login page.

From that initial point of contact through the membership program, each participant should know implicitly that you are offering them a unique, valuable experience.

In terms of your membership plugin, customization options are a must! With AccessAlly, we offer 4 professionally designed templates that look amazing on their own. Each template can also be altered to better match the design of your website.

infusionsoft membership integration

Since AccessAlly has clean, streamlined coding, it also plays really well with whatever other types of plugins that you might want to use for additional enhancement.

Quick and Easy Campaign Alterations

As your business grows, you find yourself constantly utilizing Infusionsoft’s tools to create new campaigns and tweaking old ones. Improving the income you receive through your membership site requires you to pay this same attention to your online members.

There are some plugins that rely on an exhaustive list of shortcodes for customization and implementation of the Infusionsoft membership integration. Our thought was: why make it complicated?

For those who are familiar with coding and have a good memory (or who have already put the time into learning the shortcodes), then this might not be as big of a deal. But most entrepreneurs tend to want to do it themselves – or are limited with the amount of work they can pay and outsource.

And if you don’t want to put the effort into learning the system when you first program it, chances are you’ll be loathed to make changes yourself further down the road.

So use our intuitive, natural course setup system that is much more user-friendly than some of the other options out there. Within AccessAlly, tweaking content and delivery is painless. Whether you are creating a new course, fixing an old one, or adding a new drip-fed module for a specific group of members, the Infusionsoft membership integration will help to make it a smashing success.

Is AccessAlly the Solution You’re Looking For?

We created AccessAlly to be the beautifully advanced Infusionsoft membership integration solution that we needed for a bold and thriving membership site.

If you’re not using either of these software platforms, this membership site plugin is not the solution you’re looking for!

If, however, you are looking for advanced integration in a plugin that will enable your members to receive a tailored experience based on their Infusionsoft tags, this is definitely a healthy option.

What are some of the “musts” that you look for in your Infusionsoft membership integration? Let’s hear about them in the comments below!

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