New Ontraport Membership Plugin

Introducing the first and most advanced Ontraport Membership plugin on the market.

I’m extremely excited to announce that AccessAlly is now available as a WordPress plugin for Ontraport users.

Now you might be wondering why we decided to create a membership plugin that interfaces with Ontraport, when Ontraport has their own PilotPress plugin.

I’m happy you ask that, and the most prominent reason is because we’ve had a large and enthusiastic group of business owners who run a business on Ontraport who asked us to make AccessAlly available for them, too.

Let’s explore in more detail what makes this brand new Ontraport membership plugin worth the upgrade from PilotPress, shall we?

Why A New Ontraport Membership Site Plugin Is Going To Revolutionize E-Course Delivery

One of the big advantages of having an advanced customer relationship management system like Ontraport, is that you can treat different customers differently based on their actions… and now with AccessAlly, you can take that into your membership site design.

That means you can bring all of your online courses, ongoing membership sites, and online-learning options into one space… and give people a different experience based on what tags they have in Ontraport.

AccessAlly Increases Sales Organically

This is ideal because it allows you to maintain just one membership area, and it also gives you plenty of upsell and cross sell opportunities. Ontraport WordPress integration between your membership site and tags gives you the most flexibility and customized experience.

When people see all the content they haven’t unlocked yet, they’re more likely to click through and purchase directly inside your membership area.

Built In Gamification and Progress Tracking

When it comes to PilotPress, it’s a very bare bones way to build an online learning platform. There aren’t any ways to track people’s progress, or encourage your customers to consume and apply more of your content.

With the new AccessAlly Ontraport membership site plugin, you can motivate your audience with gamification to check things off as they progress through your material.

You can do that in several ways: one is by creating video bookmarks to give people a shortcut for returning to parts of your video training… and checking off the sections of a video they’ve already mastered.

The second is to create implementation checklists that give people an incentive to complete the assignments.

You can then have modules of your courses unlock based on people’s progress through a program. Plus, if you notice that someone isn’t progressing as quickly as they should be, you can automatically have Ontraport email to give them a little encouragement.

Built In Payment Handling Within Your Members Area

One of the downsides of a membership site business model or offering payment plans, is that credit cards expire. They get lost or stolen, and sometimes people move or otherwise can’t make a payment automatically the way they originally signed up.

Luckily, with the simple and efficient payment handling functionality in AccessAlly, you can have people login and add new credit cards and even process payments directly.

The beauty of a system like Ontraport allows you to create triggers that email customers when their payment fails, and from there you just need to sit back and let them update their details to have their access reinstated.

Easy, and it puts more money back into your business. This feature alone more than covers the monthly cost of this Ontraport membership plugin.

Integrated Affiliate Members Area

One thing that PilotPress and Ontraport never really excelled at was creating a truly efficient and easy to use affiliate area.

There was no design flexibility, and it was often confusing how to get links and what affiliate tracking was applied for different programs or pages.

That’s where AccessAlly comes to the rescue: you can keep everything all in one place for your customers and have them help spread the word directly from your members area with its affiliate management functionality.

That means you can design intuitive affiliate resource sections, and include links, banners and badges, sample social media messages, and more.

All behind the same login, which means people are a lot more likely to promote!

Beyond This Ontraport Membership Site Features List…

I’ve listed quite a few of the features that AccessAlly provides (and there’s more, like built-in live webinar scheduling, automatic tag creation in Ontraport, and fully scalable robust connections)… And now I want to shift gears and talk about why we’re so passionate about AccessAlly.

One of our core values at AccessAlly is that people’s interactions with us matter… and we always like to remember the human being behind the screen.

That’s why we’ve included three fully customizable WordPress templates into our offering. We’ve got one designed for the health and wellness space, one for a more formal business membership site, and one for more spiritual entrepreneurs.

These designs are built with user experience design in mind, and are fully mobile-friendly compatible.

This type of advanced membership site design is worthwhile for creating memorable client experiences.

This Is Just The Beginning For Ontraport Users

We’re so excited we get to bring AccessAlly to the Ontraport community, and share the amazing success we’ve had running our membership site over the past few years on this platform.

If you’re curious to see AccessAlly in action, we’ve got all the details on our page here, and we even offer a demo of the software in action.

You might change your mind about what features you want, so you need a platform that's flexible.

Get your own free demo sandbox account so you can experience the flexibility AccessAlly has to offer.

Computer screen with 3 people looking pensiveSee it in action

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