3 Little Known Ontraport WordPress Integration Tricks To Automate Your Business

Looking for more ways to automate your business?

If you’re an Ontraport user, you’ve already invested in one of the most powerful tools available to automate your business, but are you using this power to its full potential?

A CRM based email marketing system like Ontraport is only half the equation for most online businesses. The other half of the equation is your online business website.

That’s why so many entrepreneurs are searching for more efficient ways to establish a solid Ontraport integration for WordPress.

And we’re ready to help with these 3 little-known Ontraport WordPress integration tricks that will polish your online business automation.

The great thing about these tricks is that they use WordPress plugins that are specifically designed to integrate with Ontraport, so you can use them with your current tagging system and sequences. Let’s take a look.

Ontraport WordPress Integration Tricks To Automate Your Business

Trick #1: Allow Subscribers To Segment Themselves…Using WordPress Quizzes!

There are so many tricks out there designed to help you segment your email subscribers a little more accurately.

You can use lead magnets, links in emails, open rates, etc. – each with its own Ontraport sequence that adds a unique tag to your subscribers, based on their actions.

But the AccessAlly Pro plugin for WordPress takes things one step further: it can automatically add an Ontraport tag to a subscriber based on the outcome of a quiz.

For current (or new) subscribers, this is a total game-changer.

For one thing, personality quizzes extremely popular and fun to take, so it’s a lot easier to get your subscribers to participate.

But there’s also a way to use the AccessAlly Pro quiz (and its tagging ability) as an optin tool to gain new subscribers.

Here’s how:

YouTube video

Pro Tip:AccessAlly Pro quizzes aren’t just limited to the personality-quiz style. There are also pass/fail quizzes and graded quizzes, all of which will add Ontraport tags based on the user’s outcome.

So if you’ve got a membership site, for example, you can also funnel your students into different Ontraport sequences based on how they’re performing in the classes!

Trick #2: Use Ontraport Tags to Automatically Run Your Membership Site

Speaking of membership sites…

PilotPress is Ontraport’s own WordPress membership site plugin. It’s built on a simplified methodology that uses membership levels to grant access.

But as we’ve noticed before, more complex membership sites can cause those levels to become complicated fast.

That’s why it’s actually much easier to manage your membership site with the same tags that you use throughout the rest of your Ontraport sequences.

And with the AccessAlly WordPress membership plugin you can do exactly that.

Designed to work with Ontraport, AccessAlly utilizes the same tagging system you’re already familiar with. This makes it much easier to really fine-tune your membership site area the way you envisioned it.

A Sample Ontraport WordPress Membership Site Workflow

Here’s a sample workflow of what a membership site powered by AccessAlly as your Ontraport WordPress integration plugin might look like:

Ontraport WordPress integration flowchart

Step 1: Create your course using the AccessAlly Offering Wizard. The Offering Wizard automatically creates any tags you need inside Ontraport for your new membership site course.

Step 2: User gains access to the course via an Ontraport purchase (or opt-in) form. When the purchase is completed, they automatically receive the tags to kickstart the rest of the sequence.

Step 3: The new member receives a welcome email. This includes a login link, unique username, and password.

Step 4: As the course progresses, the user continues to gain access to new content as directed by the Ontraport sequence. This content might be released daily, weekly, etc.

Step 5: If the subscribing member cancels or just doesn’t pay, the Ontraport sequence adds a unique revoke tag, preventing the user from accessing your course content. (This tag is layered on top of the other access tags, which allows you to look back on the history of the user. This can be really helpful in many customer service situations.)

For a detailed look into creating a stage-release course with AccessAlly and Ontraport, check out this tutorial.

Ontraport screenshot

Here’s the exciting thing:

With that one, single sequence, you’re able to fully automate the process of granting – and revoking – access to your membership site.  All while using those Ontraport tags that you’re already familiar with!

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AccessAlly logo with a looking glass

Trick #3: Create a Stylized Ontraport Affiliate Center

Ontraport includes an in-house affiliate tracking program. Inside their “partners” area, your affiliates can log in to find their links, earnings stats, etc.

But maybe you wanted to make things a little more user-friendly (not to mention amp up your branding a bit)…

If that’s the case, you can simply use AccessAlly’s built-in WordPress affiliate plugin to house your affiliate area inside your own membership site.

Screenshot of affiliate ledger

AccessAlly is definitely one of the more robust membership site plugins on the market… which means that it’s really perfect for your Ontraport WordPress integration needs.

In other words, it does more than just provide password-protection for your pages. AccessAlly also includes easy-to-use shortcodes that allow you to display stats, affiliate links, etc. for your Ontraport affiliate program.

An Example Of Our WordPress Affiliate Center Using Ontraport + AccessAlly

We use this method for our own AccessAlly affiliates. It’s been such an easy way to make sure they have everything they need to confidently promote our programs.

The moment affiliates first log in to our membership site, they can see at a glance where their status lies:

Ontraport screenshot of AccessAlly affiliate display

Clicking into the program itself, they can see a detailed view of their current earnings – all of which is automatically pulled from Ontraport.

Inside our WordPress-housed affiliate center, we created separate pages for each of our products. On these pages, we offer an array of resources, from social media and email swipe copy to banners and other visual graphics.

A simple AccessAlly shortcode allows each user to see their own unique affiliate product links inside the swipe copy.

Ontraport Affiliate WordPress center

… and the best thing is that we control the organization and display of this swipe copy.

But that’s not all 🙂

What’s a good affiliate program without a bit of friendly competition?

When AccessAlly powers your the Ontraport WordPress integration, you can easily create a leaderboard to use during specific launches or monthly incentives.

Screenshot of affiliate leaderboard example

You can configure the information displayed on this leaderboard however you’d like from inside the AccessAlly admin dashboard.

Ontraport WordPress Integration Tricks Designed To Make Your Life Easier

Ontraport is such a powerful, amazing platform that can really perfect your online business automation. (And they offer a full array of free resources to help you get started).

So we’re continually investigating new ways to make integration a little more easy to access for entrepreneurs.

After all, the power of a great CRM + a well-built website is the tech foundation on which your business can truly flourish.

What are some methods – or tools – that you use to integrate your CRM with your website? Would love to hear more of your ideas! Share what you’ve got in the comments below.

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