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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to extend the reach of your training program or membership website. It’s very popular for driving online sales and this is because it provides an extended sales team that does marketing for you.

AccessAlly offers a built-in WordPress affiliate plugin to help you market and sell your online courses, memberships, and events. And because the plugin functionality is part of the AccessAlly software, it is tightly integrated with AccessAlly’s other features. This makes the creation, deployment, and ongoing manage of the affiliate program super easy.

An affiliate marketing program is a sales funnel where you have multiple people or companies performing product marketing for you. It allows website owners to leverage a variety of virtual salespeople to promote and market products in exchange for a portion of the product sales.

This affiliate marketing sales process is broken into a few core steps:

  1. You create a course, membership, or event for sale.
  2. You use AccessAlly’s built-in affiliate software to create an affiliate program that will track referral traffic and resulting product sales.
  3. An affiliate signs up for your affiliate program and uses your affiliate links within their online activity. This activity could be associated with blog posts, reviews, how-to videos, emails, social media post, etc.
  4. When someone clicks on an affiliate link and purchases your product, the affiliate responsible for that link will receive credit for the sale.
  5. The product sale is tracked by AccessAlly’s affiliate software functionality and a commission is calculated for the affiliate who referred the website traffic.
  6. You then use AccessAlly’s export to PayPal functionality to send payment to your affiliate.
  7. AccessAlly will keep track of all the affiliates, links, traffic, sales, and payments.

Affiliate marketing is a great option for new courses and membership programs, because it allows someone else to market and sell for you. This allows you the time to focus on building your community and developing your product offering.

What makes affiliate marketing even more powerful is that you only have to pay an affiliate when you make a sale and bring in revenue. It’s a marketing process where everyone wins.

While there are lots of WordPress affiliate plugins available, using them on your website often becomes convoluted because you’re trying to merge multiple WordPress plugins together. In a lot of cases, the plugins have limited functionality, they don’t integrate with your CRM or payment processor, and they don’t help you stay connected with your affiliates.

How does AccessAlly's Affiliate Software Work?

AccessAlly’s affiliate functionality starts off like many other WordPress affiliate plugins: affiliates can register, get their unique referral links, and earn a commission when they sell your products. Under the hood, there’s a lot more going on.

To start, AccessAlly’s affiliate management feature is built to work with AccessAlly’s order forms, and these order forms are extremely flexible and powerful. You can use recurring payments, trials, 1-click upsells, and so much more.

Next, because AccessAlly is both a membership site and LMS plugin software, you’re essentially getting an affiliate management membership site from day one.

That means you can create a beautiful affiliate program on WordPress, complete with an affiliate dashboard and resource pages. This makes it easier than ever to encourage your affiliates to promote more and stay up to date on all the great things you’re launching.

The affiliate tracking itself works on a “last click” basis, which means that the affiliate whose link was clicked last before the sale gets the credit. This is the industry standard, and you can also decide how long you want an affiliate cookie to last.

What exactly is AccessAlly?

What AccessAlly Customers Are Saying...

Photo of Christine Capone

"I got my course up and running in one week-end!

Thank you for the add and I gotta tell ya that I am so happy that I signed up for AccessAlly!

I had a course on my hard drive for years and decided to get it out there annnnnddd… I did it all in a weekend. Yes, 12 modules, 4 lessons in each, CRM integrated and it all looks so pretty! So excited and grateful for this tool.

Your set up tutorials are so easy to follow and that is what made it possible.”

-Christine Capone D’Auria

Photo of Ana-Maria Janes

"Fewer integrations are needed to make it all work

I literally purchased and asked for refunds to 4 other membership/course options because I couldn’t get them to do what I wanted. I knew that AccessAlly would be amazing but I did not realize how amazing. It’s hard to explain but it’s all in the details.

For example it serves as both a membership site and a course plugin. When I tried to use a membership plugin, I had to figure out how to integrate with the course plugin.”

-Ana-Maria Janes

Start Experiencing Bigger Paydays by Empowering Your Affiliates

Everything you need to sell, market, and run courses is included in AccessAlly. No additional payment, LMS, or membership plugins required. Just connect your email marketing platform and you’re all set!

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Start your affiliate relationships on the right foot with our affiliate onboarding options

How you onboard new affiliates is up to you, and you can automate the process so it runs smoothly every time. Your options include:

  • An application process, where you review potential affiliates and approve them
  • An opt-in form where everyone who fills it out becomes an affiliate
  • Creating affiliates manually, and managing their links for them as the administrator
  • A button to turn existing clients and members into affiliates right inside the members area

From there, you can send a sequence of welcome emails that include their login details and affiliate links, so they can start sharing and earning right away.

Flexible commission structure with affiliate tiers

You can create any number of affiliate tiers, with different commission structures. Reward more engaged affiliates with a higher commission, or have people move up as they make more sales.

You can also have affiliates who refer other affiliates. With a 2-level program, the first affiliate earns a small portion of the sales of their referred affiliates.

You also decide on the tracking window, which means you can track only during launches or give credit to affiliates for longer timeframes.

Laptop with affiliate tier setup screen

Use product overrides to offer extra incentives to promote your products

Product overrides are perfect for running special promotions and increasing commissions for a specific product, or when you have programs that aren’t eligible for affiliate commissions.

Just set the percentage you’d like to pay out on your different courses, memberships, and programs and let AccessAlly do the rest.

You can also decide how long someone can earn a commission on recurring products or those with payment plans. You decide if you want to share only the first 3 payments, or keep paying out indefinitely.

Increase the quality of your referrals with link tracking

You can set up any number or type of referral links: for free opt-ins, paid courses, or even blog post content.

AccessAlly will track who the affiliate was and store it in your CRM when someone opts in, and will keep track of which link was last clicked before a sale is made.

You can also see which links are being clicked on, and from where. This helps you spot fraudulent affiliates who might be setting up coupon sites for your products. It helps you see what content converts the best, and which affiliates are sending you the most referrals.

Impress affiliates with a beautiful affiliate dashboard

Since AccessAlly is a WordPress membership solution at its’ core, you can design beautiful affiliate membership areas and dashboards.

Each affiliate can log in to review an up-to-date list of referrals, purchases, and even refunds associated with their account. You can show affiliate stats for any reporting period like 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or more.

They’ll also be able to access swipe copy and graphics you create to help them spread the word. This is especially helpful for turning existing students and members into affiliates, they’re already used to logging in!

New! Give affiliates the email addresses for their leads or sales contacts, so they can follow up and deliver any bonus communication. 

Motivate Affiliates and drive engagement with leaderboards and prizes

Put together your own affiliate competitions: pick a time period, select the products eligible, and set the prizes. Then announce the competition to your affiliates, and let the AccessAlly leaderboard feature do the rest.

Affiliates can login to their dashboards and see the leaderboard for opt-ins or sales, which is updated automatically every day.

They’ll see how they’re doing and it might just motivate them to do a little more promotion so they can finish in the top 10.

Screenshot of affiliate leaderboard example
Screenshot of affiliate payout page

Streamling your affiliate payouts with easy payment reporting

Getting affiliates on board is only part of the equation, you also need to pay commissions out on a regular basis.

With AccessAlly’s affiliate payment report you can see past and upcoming payments and mark affiliates as paid.

You can also export the payment report and run it through PayPal’s Mass Payments feature, so sending out payments takes just a few minutes. This saves you time, and keeps your affiliate happily promoting!

Enhance your existing affiliate marketing program with ontraport & keap / Infusionsoft integration

If you use Infusionsoft or Ontraport’s built-in referral program, then you’ll love that AccessAlly can bring these links and stats into your members’ area, too. No need to change your links!

  • Design your affiliate dashboard inside AccessAlly on WordPress
  • Use the shortcodes and blocks to bring in existing individual affiliate links
  • Display affiliates’ sales stats right inside AccessAlly
  • Take advantage of the affiliate leaderboard for Infusionsoft and Ontraport referrals, too

That’s it! Now you’ve got everything for affiliates and members in one spot, and you can keep using your Infusionsoft and Ontraport set up.

Sample email screenshot

Celebrate with your affiliates with a customized email notification

Let affiliates know as soon as they make a sale, with the new built-in email notifications.

You can customize these emails to suit your branding, and include commissions this affiliate has earned, too.

Then use this additional “you made a referral!” email touchpoint to remind the affiliate where they can login and access their stats, and grab their affiliate links.

That way they can keep earning, and you can keep building your business too!

6 Ways to Earn More With WordPress and Affiliate Marketing


Reward affiliates who are more active with a higher commission by setting up different tiers. Switching tiers is just a matter of adding a tag!


Have affiliates opt-in directly through your CRM, review them first, or set up their accounts yourself. You can send their links in emails automatically!


If you have certain offers that don’t qualify for affiliate commission, like your high end coaching programs, you can set those to zero commission.


Do you have a power affiliate who wants to recruit more affiliates for you, and earn a small commission on their affiliates’ sales? You can do that with the advanced “2-level” affiliate settings.


If you only launch once or twice per year, but you want your affiliates to get credit the next time the cart opens you can set a longer cookie expiration. Or, keep it short to have affiliates promote right before launch.


If you have a recurring product or membership and you only want to pay out commissions for the first 6 months, you can do that. Or if you’d like to share the wealth indefinitely, that’s easy too.

The only wordPress affiliate plugin that scales with your business, and pays for itself

Take advantage of the most flexible and powerful online course plugin on the market, which comes with a built-in WordPress affiliate management, dashboards, payment reporting, and affiliate tracking.

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