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AccessAlly 2020 Releases

AccessAlly 3.3.2 Release Notes: 01/20/2020

Bug Fixes

We’ve fixed a security vulnerability where malicious people can execute PHP code using the Login Widget.

Over the weekend a security issue was brought to our attention and we’ve just released a new version of AccessAlly that removes the ability to run PHP code through AccessAlly.

If you were using the ability to run PHP code in AccessAlly, you’ll want to find another plugin that specifically allows you to do that.

AccessAlly 3.4.0 Release Notes: 03/18/2020

Released March 2020

New Features

Introducing a built-in media player for Amazon S3 (ProgressAlly)

  • Take back control of your video content and avoid expensive video hosting service price hikes, by uploading your videos to Amazon S3. Host video files on our WordPress Amazon S3 video player and play the videos on your site using ProgressAlly’s new media player. Learn more.
  • Speed up video loading on mobile devices. Optionally, you can enable mobile optimization and CloudFront to provide the best viewing experience for clients. Learn more.
  • Now you can add “audio bookmarks” and track audio listens through objectives, just like videos. The new media player can also be used for audio files, which can be hosted locally or on Amazon S3. Learn more.
  • Upload custom images that encourage people to hit “play”. Personalize your Amazon S3 hosted audio and video files by uploading an image to style your media with the updated ProgressAlly video bookmarks and tracking interface. Learn more.

AccessAlly Teams Just Got More Powerful

  • Let team leaders add all of the pertinent student information when they invite team members. AccessAlly Teams now allows you to designate new input fields when adding a new team member. These additional inputs can be a text field or a dropdown selection, and will be saved locally or in your CRM’s custom fields. Learn more.
  • Reduce headaches for team leaders when adding new team members. Now, leaders can send team members a link so they can register themselves. The new “self-registration” page gives team leaders a way to invite team members and gather all of the information they need to sign them up.
  • Team leaders save time by batch importing teammates, instead of manually adding them one-by-one. There’s a new Batch Import functionality in the AccessAlly teams frontend, so team leaders can import members via a CSV file.
  • Empower teams to communicate the way they want with two-way automated interactions. For example, team leaders can notify all team members at the same time; or team members can ping the team leader for help. Learn more.
  • Design the team management dashboard of your dreams with just a few clicks and no custom code. Added drag-and-drop team member display functionality, which includes ProgressAlly student data like Quiz Results and Private Notes, so team leaders and students can communicate directly. Learn more.


  • Goodbye PAYF tags, hello simpler CRM automation. We’ve updated the Course Wizard tutorials to use the Revoke Tag in the CRM automation setup instead of using PAYF tags.
  • Now people other than site administrators can communicate through Private Notes, so you can empower teams and other teachers. Team parents can see and reply to Private Notes. This is possible with the AccessAlly Member Directory and Teams features. Learn more.
  • AccessAlly is now available in Bulgarian, English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. We’ve added these new languages and updated existing translations to match new interface additions.
  • More flexibility for how member names are displayed. Added an option to NOT update the WordPress Display Name when syncing to CRM. This is useful if the Display Name is manually updated via another plugin. Learn more.
  • Calculate any Metric with a static value to help you find averages or convert values. Now allowing static values when building a Custom Calculation Metrics item. This is useful for converting annual quantities to monthly ones.
  • Get unsubscribed folks back on your email list when they make a purchase. We’ve added the option to select a CRM opt-in form when using AccessAlly Order forms. The opt-in form will be used to re-subscribe clients when making a purchase to make sure everyone gets their welcome emails.
  • Tell existing members they’re just one step away from accessing their free or paid content with a new “pre-login page”. We added a secondary Login page redirect, which is used when auto-login for an existing user fails during an On-Demand Login or on successful purchase. You can add customized text to the secondary Login page to avoid confusion and create a better user experience. Learn more.
  • More customizable Login designs are here! We added “stacked” layout for the Login widget for easier customization. This can be enabled by adding the layout=”vertical” argument to existing Login widget shortcodes.
  • If you’ve been wanting to have a section will all enabled course icons together and a section with all disabled course icons, now you can! We added the option to the “accessally_icon” shortcode to ONLY show disabled course icons via the “hide_disable” parameter (for example, [accessally_icon post_id=”123” hide_disable=”only-disable”])
  • If you’ve been wanting more control over how many times people can perform certain options, now you have it! We added the option to limit how many times an Add / Decrease / Change Tags Custom Operation can run per-contact.
  • ActiveCampaign clients: expect fewer timeouts when updating lots of contacts. Now using ActiveCampaign API Version 3 for batch contact update to improve performance.
  • Drip clients: now that Drip has built-in fields for First and Last names you don’t need to manually create custom fields. We’re now using the built-in First and Last name fields to store contact information instead of using custom fields.
  • New ProgressAlly interface updates to make your life easier as a course creator. We’ve added the objective number to the backend configuration for better organization.
  • Progress tracking information can be displayed in member profiles, directories, and team management dashboards without any code. We introduced the ability to add user progress to AccessAlly User Profile, User Directory and Team Children display using built-in elements without the need for shortcodes.
  • Trigger custom operations and team interactions using ProgressAlly events, for even more fine-tuned control over the user experience. We added AccessAlly Custom Operation and Team Interaction as possible actions to be triggered via Events. Learn more.
  • Keep a detailed log of your members’ activity in your membership site by downloading their site footprint. We added download links for the user footprint and login times to WordPress User Profile.


  • Drip only: We fixed “invalid contact ID” issue for inactive users when syncing all users.
  • ActiveCampaign only: We fixed a bug where newly created tags are not included when syncing contacts to ActiveCampaign.
  • We fixed an issue so that all custom inputs in the Order Form PayPal tab are saved, instead of only the custom inputs in the Confirm section.
  • We fixed an interference issue when using Countdown Timer Custom Operation in a wrapper element, such as
  • We fixed a bug in Metrics where refunds for subscription payments were not calculated properly.

ProgressAlly 2.0.1 Release Notes: 04/01/2020

Released April 2020

This is a patch release for AccessAlly 3.4.0 + ProgressAlly 2.0.0.


  • We fixed the legacy Gutenberg blocks for ProgressAlly videos, so you don’t need to move to the new Media Player if you don’t want to. This release fixed the Gutenberg ProgressAlly block rendering issue that affected the legacy video options (Youtube / Vimeo / Wistia).
  • If you had over 1000 items in an Amazon S3 bucket, you won’t encounter any more errors when trying to convert your videos to ProgressAlly player videos. We fixed the “403: Forbidden” error when selecting a bucket with more than 1,000 items for converting an existing video.
  • Divi Tab module contains a bug that will prevent tab-switching if it contains a ProgressAlly Media player. We have added a workaround to prevent this issue.

AccessAlly 3.5.0 Release Notes: 07/08/2020

Released July 2020

Built-in AccessAlly transactional emails are here!

Keep reading to find out more about all of the different types of emails you can set up now.

Send customizable invoice emails automatically for each payment. Now you don’t need to set up individual emails for each product in your CRM software, and you can have emails go out after each payment for subscription products. Plus, you can insert CRM custom fields like a VAT number and design global blocks that you’ll want to use across different email types. Start sending email invoices.

Send welcome emails directly from AccessAlly, so your new members can get their login links right away. No more waiting on a tag or trigger in your CRM to send that first important email. Set up your welcome emails.

Turn on failed payment follow-up emails with just one click, so you can capture lost revenue. You no longer need to set up a failed payment automation email campaign in your CRM (although you still can if you want more follow-ups or to have multiple reminders). Get those follow-ups sending.

Tell affiliates they made a sale with our new “affiliate notification” emails! Now you can let affiliates know which product they sold, and how much they earned so they’ll want to keep on referring. Start sending affiliate notifications.

Create shared email blocks that can be re-used across all the different types of emails (like a header and footer), to save time during set up. It’s also handy when you rebrand or need to refresh your email designs. Set up shared email blocks now.

Plus you’ll see a log of all the emails that went out, so you’ll know who received what emails.


  • Now you can generate AccessAlly/ProgressAlly Shortcodes through the top WordPress bar! With the new shortcode generator, you don’t need to create a new page to get a shortcode. This makes it easier to create shortcodes on the fly to insert in any theme or builder! Please note that there’s now only one button for the Shortcode Adder in the WordPress classic editor (no separate adder for ProgressAlly anymore).
  • Students in a hurry? Now they can change the playback speed on your Amazon S3 videos. New multiple playback speeds for Amazon S3 videos in ProgressAlly is here.
  • Keep track of administrative operations across team members, with notes on the back-end! Now you can write down a reason for a refund, or add more information to a contact directly in the AccessAlly Purchase Log area.
  • Teams just got clearer! We clarified how we talk about teams, team leaders, and team members. So you can have just a handful of team programs, each with multiple teams enrolled in these programs. From there, you can also see all of the active teams and click through to manage them.
  • Create a separate team self-registration page. You can configure a dedicated self-registration page that is different from the default Team dashboard page.
  • AccessAlly is now keyboard compatible. All AccessAlly frontend elements can be operated via keyboard only via the Tab and Enter keys.
  • New ActiveCampaign custom field type is here! Now you can use Text Area custom fields in ActiveCampaign in your custom operations.
  • We’ve added the Malaysian Ringgit as a possible currency option.
  • Now you can save address information in order forms to Drip built-in fields.
  • We’ve added a minimum height in custom code blocks for the order form designer.
  • We’ve updated the login language for the French translation to remove the English emphasis.


  • Fixed a bug where tags couldn’t be added to ConvertKit from the WordPress user profile page.
  • Fixed a bug where the State / Province value in a Flex Order Form design was not saved in the CRM custom field (if configured).
  • Fixed an issue where the ActiveCampaign Organization field was not refreshed when batch updating contacts.
  • Fixed a bug in AccessAlly Teams setup where the self-register / add team member warning message couldn’t be updated.
  • Fixed Team batch import issue if there are more than 1 team configured.
  • Fixed Order Form “Future payment” text not translated issue.
  • Fixed a UABB conflict with the ProgressAlly audio player.
  • Fixed the ability to renumber ProgressAlly objectives.
  • Fixed an issue where WP Engine cron job was running too often and causing payments to happen at the wrong time.
  • Fixed a bug where a PayPal subscription needed to be canceled manually.
  • Fixed issue for international languages in PDF Certificates: now you can use Spanish and French special characters with no problems.
  • Added empty list detection when bulk uploading a list of team members in AccessAlly Teams.
  • Fixed a display issue for the Member Directory on Safari browser.
  • Fixed a bug where a customer might click the back button and accidentally create a duplicate subscription when purchasing.

AccessAlly 3.5.1 Release Notes: 07/29/2020

Released July 2020

We’ve just released a small update for AccessAlly, with a handful of small fixes.

This is a quick version update, and these post-release updates help us smooth out any issues we find after a big release!


  • Now you can sync any new CRM tags, Custom Fields, or client data with one click from anywhere in the WordPress backend. We’ve added a “Sync CRM Data” button to the new AccessAlly top bar in the WordPress admin area, replacing the need for clicking the “Save Changes” button in the General Settings.
  • We moved the ProgressAlly shortcodes to the top of the shortcode adder list, since these tend to be the most commonly used ones!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the intermittent Infusionsoft tag issue that was affecting a small number of sites.
  • Fixed a caching issue in the email invoices, where the wrong customer names were being inserted. If you’ve enabled the new email invoice feature, you’ll benefit from this fix that resolves a caching issue.
  • Fixed the missing “Comment” section in the shortcode adder, so it will display the tag name and not just the tag ID.

AccessAlly 3.5.2 Release Notes: 08/03/2020


  • Fixed an issue where AccessAlly Pro’s checkboxes stopped working on mobile.

AccessAlly 3.5.3 Release Notes: 09/01/2020

Released September 2020

This is a small update to AccessAlly that addresses 2 things:


  • The new “refresh from CRM” button now refreshes everything, including tags!
  • We fixed a bug where links in the “checkbox section” of an order form couldn’t be clicked.

AccessAlly 3.5.4 Release Notes: 11/04/2020

Released November 2020

We’re hard at work on AccessAlly 4.0, which is one of our most ambitious projects to date.

AccessAlly is getting a fresh new look, and we’re also working on a way to handle more of the automation within the plugin so you don’t need to depend on a CRM if you don’t want to.

It’s going to make AccessAlly even more powerful while making it easier to add and maintain content. (Woohoo!)

But we’re still in mid-development…

So today we’re releasing 3.5.4, which is a small bug-fix release to address the following:


  • Added a clearer message and a new “Next” button for the PayPal redirect page. This will prevent it from blocking the original order form page if it’s not closed automatically (which can happen on certain mobile devices).
  • Updated the help text to clarify how shipping fees are applied when there are multiple products in an offer.


  • Fixed the issue for the Ontraport order list display where only 1 product was shown when multiple products were included.
  • Fixed a bug where Order Bumps and Toggles settings weren’t copied correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where the product selection wasn’t saved when configuring invoice or affiliate emails.
  • Fixed the bug in the “Website” display for Member Directories, where non-absolute URLs were redirected to invalid URLs.
  • Fixed a bug where the price wraps down on certain resolutions when the product name is long on two-column flex forms.

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