How to Build an Interactive Membership Site Dashboard That Sells Your Courses By Itself

how to build an interactive membership site dashboard

As course creators, we all want to be rewarded for the work we put into our membership sites… And there's no better way than to see the excitement and sales come in through a cross-selling member dashboard.

Why Build An Interactive Membership Site Dashboard?

Promoting multiple courses to your subscribers can be challenging. There's a danger of over-saturating and under-representing your course material, especially when you want to cross-sell (or up-sell) to those who are already paying clients.

That's where building out an interactive dashboard that automatically cross-sells your products can make a huge impact on revenue and retaining current membership subscribers.

It doesn't matter if you offer one-off sales of online courses (all housed together in the same membership site), or simply use the “level” approach to membership sites… this strategy will work either way.

How An Interactive Membership Site Dashboard Works To Sell Your Courses By Itself

how to build an interactive membership site dashboard

The interactive dashboard inside A League of Her Own.
Membership site built by Kimberly Gosney.

An interactive dashboard uses three key components to create an intriguing organic sales offer for your membership site users:

  • Visually engaging course icons
  • Natural curiosity to “have it all”
  • Intuitive software that provides a dynamic view based on the user's permission tags
  • A membership site to house it all

Let's start with the last item first:

The need for a membership site “house”

Housing all of your products, courses, and challenges together in a single membership site is an extremely powerful strategy towards online business growth.

It doesn't matter if you're offering membership site levels or are selling your courses and products individually: a single membership site allows you to identify how any particular user is interacting with your material from login to logout.

It also lets you create a personalized experience for your users, guiding them through the material and identifying areas where they're struggling and may need the resources contained within a separate course.

Plus, when the user can log in and see at a glance everything you have to offer, it immediately puts them into the “shopping” mode… a definite good thing for you!

Intuitive software that provides a dynamic view based on the user's permission tags

What would happen if… a user logged into the membership site and was treated to a totally personalized experience based on actions they'd already taken – and information you know is up to date and accurate?

So many of your client retention and marketing headaches could be eliminated, that's what!

When your membership software reads permission tags (i.e. if a user has purchased this course vs. that one), it can dynamically show some course icons as “enabled”, and some as “disabled”… setting the stage for the next component:

Natural curiosity to “have it all”

Personal admission: when I get excited about something, I go into full-on “binge collector” mode. Last week, I realized that I really liked painting with acrylics… so I spent the next few hours watching tutorials and spending over a hundred dollars buying the necessary supplies to get started (including a giant easel…).


Absolutely not.

But if you can capitalize on that feeling of excitement when your membership subscribers purchase their first course – the sales pitch becomes virtually unnecessary. All you have to do is showcase your offers, and the natural excitement (and curiosity) takes over.

Visually Engaging Course Icons

Finally – do your due diligence, here, and create engaging icons to showcase your library of online course material.

A bullet point list of 10 course titles is not going to garner nearly the amount of excitement as the icons in this example of Lindsay Preston's course library:

how to build an interactive membership site dashboard

Lindsay Preston's membership site dashboard, built by Kimberly Gosney.

What You'll Need To Create Your Interactive Membership Site Dashboard

The tool list you need is pretty short:

  • A WordPress website
  • The AccessAlly Pro membership site plugin
  • A tag-based CRM (see current list of integrations here)
Wondering how it all works? Check out this short video to see it all put together!

Tutorial: How To Build An Interactive Membership Site Dashboard (Using AccessAlly)

Step 1: Install the AccessAlly plugin on your WordPress Site & Set Up Integrations

AccessAlly can be installed on your WordPress site like any other plugin. Then, integrate it with your tag-based CRM of choice.

Step 2: Assign Icons To Your Online Courses

When you build your courses inside AccessAlly's Course Wizard, you can easily assign both the “enabled” and “disabled” version of your icon:

how to build an interactive membership site dashboard

Step 3: Add Your Course Icons to Your Membership Site Dashboard Page

Use AccessAlly's shortcode adder in the toolbar of your page edit view to add each course icon individually to your page.

The shortcode simply adds the icon itself – any additional styling or formatting is totally up to you and your web designer!

Note that when you use the shortcode to add the course icons to a page, AccessAlly will automatically change the visible icon from enabled to disabled (or vice versa) depending on what permission tags your logged in users have.

…and that's it!

Your interactive dashboard is all set up, and ready to go.

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