Tools We Use: GrooveHQ Review For Customer Success

At AccessAlly, we’re a small team of four and we have a variety of software tools and online business training programs to support. We’ve got an incredibly loyal and whip-smart audience of business owners, and we love to take great care of them.

When I first heard about Groove, I was curious because I had used a few other support tools but I had never been truly satisfied. This is an unsolicited GrooveHQ review, I’m not an affiliate and I just like sharing what’s working for us!

What Made Us Switch To Groove

As you can imagine, as a software company, we have a good understanding of systems and how we like to interact with the software we use. That’s why we’d never found our “forever home” when it came to support and help desk systems.

One of the reasons I was initially drawn to Groove was how simple and fast everything loaded up during my trial. When you’re handling support, you want to be able to answer people’s questions as quickly as you can and a slow interface can really get in the way.

I have a tendency of trying lots of platforms, but once I tried Groove I knew I was hooked and I immediately invited all of our team members to try it out, too. The decision was unanimous and we started the process of moving our canned responses.

GrooveHQ Review: How It Saves Us 10% On Support

We did the math and because of the automation and features that Groove provides (and a little API integration we coded for our CRM Infusionsoft), we’ve been able to reduce the time it takes to handle support by 10%.

Now, ten percent might not seem like much, but if you count that we’ve got 4 people answering emails and collaborating on things via Groove, that 10% per person really ads up.

We realized that because the Groove interface is so fast and intuitive, we’ve been able to get to “inbox zero” on our support email a lot more often. That’s a major morale boost for our team, and I’m sure our customers love hearing back from us faster, too!

GrooveHQ Review - Inbox Zero

Now let me explain exactly what features and how using GrooveHQ helped us reduce our time doing support.

Improved Workflows Using Automation

The first thing that I love about Groove is the ability to create automated rules, tags, and filters. I’m a huge fan of Gmail filters, and I always wished I could do something as sophisticated in our helpdesk software… without pulling my hair out.

We’ve been using automation to filter through technical “how to” questions for our software from sales questions and editorial submissions for our blog.

We’re also able to tap into our canned responses, and make edits on the fly so that we can save time when answering similar questions, but still offer a personal touch.

Oh, and every time a guest post submission comes in, we’re able to filter that email to the right person on the team. We’re also able to quickly leave notes and tag each other if we need input before replying to someone, and that’s just so intuitive and easy.

Infusionsoft GrooveHQ Integration

One thing I had always wanted was the ability to see at a glance who was writing in. We have a large audience, and between the different products and services we offer, it’s hard to tell who has access to what.

The benefit of being married to an amazing developer who is Infusionsoft-savvy is that he can code up an integration with a tool like Groove… which saves us all a ton of time!

What does this integration do? When someone sends an email we can see exactly which tags in Infusionsoft they have, with a link to go directly to their customer profile if we need to make any changes to their account.

GrooveHQ infusionsoft integration

This alone has saved us so many hours of searching for a contact in Infusionsoft, and context switching between answering a questions and checking on someone’s status in our system.

Now we can easily reply to people’s questions, and even offer them suggestions for other offerings that might be a good fit… thus giving us an easy way to increase our customer lifetime value and offer more support to our existing customers. Without spending extra time figuring out what they’ve already got.

Social Integrations Allows Us To Answer Customer Questions As a Team

Another amazing feature that I love about Groove is the social integrations. With 10s of thousands of social media followers and fans, it can be hard to manage answering support questions that come in quickly via Twitter or Facebook.

The main issue with social media is that it’s meant to be informal, but if I’m away at a business conference or on vacation and I’m not seeing the tweets or Facebook messages come in, then people’s questions go unanswered. That’s bad for business and not how I like to run things around here!

Now with Groove, anyone on my team can address time-sensitive Twitter and Facebook questions that come in about PopupAlly or our WordPress membership plugin AccessAlly, and I’m able to rest easy knowing that we’re serving our people in the way that they prefer to interact with us.

Not everyone likes email, and that’s totally fine by me. With Groove it’s so much easier to manage it all in one place!

How Have You Made Customer Support & Success Easier?

I’d love to hear how you’ve been able to improve your customer support and success levels. Leave a comment below to share!

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