Tools We Use: Meet Edgar Review For Social Media

I first heard about the social media management tool “Edgar” back in 2014, when the very first version came out. I’ve been meaning to write a Meet Edgar review ever since!

The concept was simple: instead of manually scheduling social media posts to go out every day… you simply build up a library of tested social posts that can be scheduled according to your desires.

I wasn’t sure how I’d like it, because I was used to posting most of my social updates live… or having someone on my team schedule them one week at a time.

But as soon as I started adding content to my account, I was hooked!

Onto the Meet Edgar Review…

So what do you think about Edgar?

This is not a paid endorsement, but if you do sign up for Edgar you’ll get $10 off and so will I. Laura Roeder (the founder of Edgar) and I have known each other for years, this review genuinely reflects how I feel about the software.

Since we started using Edgar, I’ve had quite a few people ask me… “So what do you REALLY think about Edgar? Is it worth it?”

And my answer is a resounding yes, but you’ll need to decide based on where you’re at in your business right now.

So why do I happily pay Edgar, with its little octopus mascot, to handle the majority of my social media scheduling needs? Because I get to do the work once, and essentially get paid for it over and over again.

Take a look at how we used to schedule social media posts:

  1. We’d come up with some quotes, write updates linking to our blog posts, think up some questions to keep people engaged…
  2. Then I’d either pay someone an hourly rate to load up these social updates into a scheduling tool or directly on Facebook or Twitter
  3. Finally, we’d repeat the whole process the next week, otherwise our social media channels would go silent.

Now, with Edgar we still come up with graphics, questions, and updates with links… but we load them into our library once, and we get to recycle this content.

In fact, our social media channels only get more interesting with time as we keep adding new stuff.

Popular posts from Edgar

Plus, with Edgar we can see which posts are winners and which ones are better left in the archives.

How has Edgar Increased Traffic or Engagement?

If you’re looking for more “hard numbers” as to why a tool like Edgar makes financial sense… then you’ll love knowing that our social media traffic has definitely increased since we’ve been posting more regularly.

Plus, we get more retweets and re-shares, too. The harsh realities of social media are that most updates and posts are here “now” and gone within minutes or hours…

So being able to post more often, and to post great stuff day in and day out has allowed us to keep engagement high. Since only about 10–15% of all users are reached with each post, we’re more likely to reach more of our 100% base with more frequent updates.

Oh, and it’s not just about getting traffic back to your site… I’ve also seen a great response rate with engaging questions, infographics and other interactive posts through Edgar.

Take a look at this always successful post that asks people what books they’re reading…

Successful social media posts

How Meet Edgar keeps our groups active

One of my favorite features from Edgar is the ability for group owners to schedule posts to their groups. Between our super active 30 Day List Building Challenge group, and our smaller paid program groups… it’s a lot for a gal to manage.

Luckily, our octopus friend Edgar comes to the rescue.

I’m able to pre-plan social media updates, questions, and prompts to keep people active and engaged in our groups. This means that I don’t need to wake up extra early Monday mornings to make sure a social update goes out to a group… Edgar’s on it.

Meet Edgar Review

Since using Edgar to help keep our groups organized, we’ve had more active participation in our challenge and it gives me more time to do what I love most: which is to answer questions and bring value once people reply to an Edgar scheduled post.

The question is: is Edgar right for you?

Now that you’ve gone through this Meet Edgar review, you might be wondering if Edgar is the right system for you and your business. I alluded to the fact that it works amazingly well for us, but it might not be for everyone.

So the big question you need to ask yourself is how much your time spent on social media is currently worth…

If you’re paying someone an hourly rate to schedule content on social, then you’re likely a great candidate for Edgar because it will pay for itself. You can simply have a team member or assistant load up a bunch of content and you’ll be good to go for weeks or months at a time.

By the way, there’s a new feature where Edgar can automatically load up your latest blog posts via your RSS feed… so you can pretty much set it up and let your library update itself.

If you’re doing your social media yourself, and you’re not spending too much time on it… you might still benefit from Edgar because you won’t need to repeat your work, and you’ll likely be able to post more often.

But if your business isn’t yet profitable or you don’t have a ton of followers or fans, I wouldn’t recommend Edgar quite yet. I’d focus on earning more and bootstrapping your way into a time-saving tool like Edgar when funds are available.

Over To You Now…

I’d love to know – what tools are currently saving you time on social media? Do you use Edgar too, and if so what are your favorite tips and tricks?

Leave a comment below!

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  1. Amanda TeamEdgar on July 23, 2015 at 10:53 am

    Thanks for the great review! It definitely sounds like you’re making the most of Edgar – glad to hear that you’re seeing some good results and saving time!

  2. Laura Roeder on July 23, 2015 at 1:31 pm

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write up this review, and so pleased to hear that your numbers have gone up from using Edgar!

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  4. Tracy on August 19, 2015 at 7:58 pm

    Thanks for the great review Natalie.
    I LOVED using Edgar – to me it was a much more logical way (to me) to get the posts sorted and happening without stressing my way through working out other social media distribution sites.

    A couple of things I didn’t like
    1) The Price Tag. I totally agree with Natalie’s advice – if you are starting out – as I am – and/or don’t have much of a budget yet – then “bootstrap it” yourself until you have the budget to do it.
    2) Edgar’s logo always posted with it your post, so it was clear that it was an automated system. Now, I’ll put my hand up – perhaps there was a way to change this – I didn’t find it and/or perhaps they have changed it now so that you can choose whether or not to have Edgar’s cute wee Octapus showing on all your posts.

    Having said that, will go back and use it again as my business grows and I have the budget to use it.
    I am hanging out and looking forward to that day :-)

    • ambitionally on August 20, 2015 at 12:25 pm

      That’s a great point about the Edgar logo and/or title. I’ve found that all the social media scheduling tools do that, whether it’s Hootsuite or any other tool. So I think it’s not the biggest deal, people will know and understand that you’re not sitting there posting every few hours. :) Thanks for sharing your experience!