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How To Use A Quiz Lead Magnet (And Why They Work)

Are quiz lead magnets worth the hype?

You bet your quiz they are!

They are highly effective for increasing opt-ins, building trust, growing your email list, and getting more sales.

It’s easy to get excited about online quizzes because of all the benefits you’ll gain from using them.

What Is A Lead Magnet Quiz?

It’s an online quiz that a prospect completes for a reward or answer.

The quiz usually helps people better understand themselves by asking your prospects to select their preferences from a list of different options. At the end of the quiz, you give them a result that is both valuable to them in and of itself, and that most likely leads to an offer that you have.

Lead Generation Quiz

A quiz can be an excellent tool for lead generation.

There are WordPress plugin for online quizzes that make building on your own website easy, fun, and interactive for those taking your quizzes.

For example, if you’re an expert on financial matters online quizzes can help someone who’s considering investing in the stock market.

Before allowing someone to invest their money they should know something about your experience and how that could affect their investment returns.

Your lead magnet quiz should be based around one of your products or services and target your ideal client.

How It Works

Marketing experts create quizzes to increase leads for their business - Screenshot showing options

The basic flow of your lead generation quiz is as follows:

  • Prospect finds the lead magnet quiz advertised on a channel of your choice
  • Your new prospect answers the questions on your quiz
  • After they complete the quiz, they see their answer(s) or the promised reward in exchange for their email address on an opt in form.

At this point, their email address is in your email marketing platform, and they’ve gotten the results that were promised to them.

An online quiz can be a powerful lead magnet that will lead to more online course sales for you.

Build Your Email List

A successful online quiz allows you to increase your email subscribers. You can use follow-up emails to engage your new contacts.

You might consider offering a quiz as part of your email marketing strategy instead of having an entirely separate quiz offer.

Quiz Goals

It is essential that quiz goals be clearly stated at the beginning of your lead magnet. Your lead magnet quiz should also include a quiz guarantee, such as:

“If you don’t get at least [X] outcome out of [Y] quiz, then we’ll answer your questions personally to make sure you get the help you need.”

Your new lead should walk away with their quiz results and valuable information that they can put to use right away.

Creating a quiz to answer questions and provide resources for your audience

Quiz Topics

Your quiz topic should be industry-specific and relate directly to your online course, membership, coaching program, or other offering.

Here are examples of topics:

  • What Type of Dog Should You Adopt?
  • Find out which platform to use for your online course
  • Which Type of Entrepreneur Are You?
  • Should you start a blog today?
  • What level of Spanish comprehension are you at?

The more personal connection that you can make with your quiz, the better results you’ll have.

Create your new quiz + answers for your audience

Quiz Title

The title should be pulled from your target audience research you’ve done (or will do).

Your quiz should be about the most common challenges your target market or ideal clients are facing.

Make sure that the quiz title is appealing to them and actionable. If the quiz aligns with their problem, you’ll have more opt ins.

Quiz Introduction

The quiz introduction is where you explain how to take the quiz, what the quiz will tell them, and how it relates back to their business. It can be short and sweet, or you could use a video to motivate people to take the quiz. Often the quiz topic itself or having been referred by someone else is all it takes to get someone to sign up for the quiz!

Create Quizzes

The quiz you create doesn’t have to be long or complicated.

In fact, you want your online quiz to be short and simple enough that it doesn’t intimidate possible lead.

Tips to build your email list from your website - screenshot

Quizzes are the perfect lead magnets because they let you ask them about what really matters to them right off the bat.

Types of Online Quizzes

There are many different types of online quizzes.

The type of online quiz that you choose should be specific to the type of quiz question you have, the quiz creation tool you’re using, your audience member, and be directly related to your online offering.

Personality Quiz

A personality quiz that reveals a taker’s personality traits is a popular quiz.

This is a great tool for lead generation because they are fun and free to take.

These quizzes are commonly thought of a BuzzFeed style quiz.

The personality quiz you create can reveal if they’re an introvert or an extrovert, have specific interests, what their favorite color is, etc.

Quiz questions can be created in a do you prefer (A) or (B) style.

Personality quizzes are great for building trust.

create a quiz with valuable resources - screenshot

Interactive Quizzes

Many quiz lead magnets are interactive quiz-type questionnaires.

This quiz is great for course creators who want to learn more about their audience.

It can be used with a loose personality quiz or just in general to learn more about the quiz taker.

Interactive quizzes follow a path as the leads work through their answers.

Self-Improvement Quiz

If you’re selling an online offering that helps people improve themselves, you may consider developing an online quiz around self-improvement.

For example, quiz takers might find out if they’re overthinking something the average person wouldn’t even consider.

Or quiz takers may figure out their thought patterns and what information is most beneficial to them, based on quiz results.

This online quiz can also help you show your personality and establish trust with quiz takers.

quiz screenshot

Make “How To” Quizzes

Your quiz should have a quiz title that tells people how to do something.

This quiz type is ideal for small business owners who have a program or course that gives step-by-step instructions.

Making quiz questions that are “how-to” quizzes will set quiz takers up to take action in the future.

For example, quiz takers might realize their Facebook ads may benefit from better images.

This quiz gives them ideas for images so when it comes time to actually create an ad they know what kind of image is most likely

Assessment Quiz

An assessment quiz is where quiz takers are asked specific questions to test their knowledge.

This quiz is based on how well your quiz taker knows you. It helps establish trust so quiz takers are more willing to take your course or purchase your product.

When creating this type of quiz, quiz creators should ask leads about their biggest challenges and work through a natural progression of questions.

Create a quiz - quiz examples - screenshot

Why Use A Quiz Lead Magnet?

Use online quizzes to target your audience’s interests and build trust with leads before they purchase your course.

High-Quality Leads

These characteristics of a quiz lead to high-quality leads:

  • quality quiz content
  • a valid quiz result
  • interactive experience
  • insightful questions

Offer valuable answers to your audience - screenshot

More Leads

A well-built, well-advertised quiz can lead to a large increase in lead generation. In fact, quizzes can result in up to 600% more leads for business owners.

Quiz Results

When using a quiz for lead generation, or anytime, the quiz result is key to building trust and your reputation as the expert.

Quiz results should always be true and based on the lead’s answers. Quiz results should never be made up or falsified.

The quiz should be fun, free, and interactive.

create and quiz and create quiz results screenshot

Support Your Audience

As a content creator or small business owner, try to support your new leads, even if the quiz reveals they’re not a good fit for your product or service.

For Leads That Are A Good Fit

If the quiz reveals that the quiz-taker is in need of your product or service, be prepared to offer this new lead an irresistible deal.

When quiz leads are ready to buy, you should always offer them a special lead magnet that they can opt in to.

This will not only get them back on your site if they didn’t immediately click through to purchase.

create new lead opportunities for your business - screenshot

For Leads that Aren’t A Good Fit

If the quiz reveals that the lead is not a good fit, you may still want to offer them resources. They may be interested in a different product you offer. Or give you a new idea for a down-sell or cross sell.

If you see recurring quiz answers, this could be a sign to research a new avenue or niche.

If they are not an ideal customer, quiz leads can still be valuable if you follow up with them.

You could send quiz results-related content back to quiz takers proving that your quiz is legitimate and not just there to capture email addresses.

support the audience and provide resources, even if they aren't a good fit - screenshot

How To Create A Quiz

You’ll need a platform or plugin to create a quiz.

There are countless options on the marketplace, and the tool you use will depend on how you want to use your quiz.

AccessAlly as an Example: Best Online Quiz

AccessAlly is a WordPress all-in-one membership and LMS plugin. The software has advanced quiz features that can be used for customers and leads alike.

The quiz features in AccessAlly allow you to create a fun, free, interactive quiz for your audience on your website.

Tips to create a quiz and answers - screenshot

Test Your Quizzes

No matter which software you choose for your online quiz, you must test the setup before you publish it.

Test the setup as though you’re a new lead experiencing your business and website for the first time.

In Summary

A quiz can be a great lead generation tool to build your email list, expand the reach of your business, and make more sales.

The quizzes that you create should answer questions, solve problems, or otherwise provide tips or resources.

The tool you use for your quiz delivery should allow you to gather email addresses and send them to your email marketing system automatically.

You should have follow-up sequences set up to support your new leads from your website as they get to know your business.

Nathalie Lussier

I’m a writer, technologist, and regenerative farmer. I founded AccessAlly with my husband in one frantic weekend to solve my immediate course platform issues. Over a decade later the company has grown, and our product has evolved to serve millions of learners across the globe.

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