The membership site and online course business model isn’t limited to big businesses with giant revenue streams.

In fact, we’ve seen our clients use AccessAlly to create membership sites for everything from sales training and done-for-you-resources to ornament of the month clubs, and everything in between.

Our clients have been using AccessAlly’s membership and learning management system features to create fully customized coaching portal membership sites for their 1:1 clients.

With a coaching portal, you can truly offer a premier experience for your clients, from individual dashboard to courses and digital coaching materials.

7 Elements to Include in Your Coaching Portal Dashboard

1. Client’s Name

Picture it: the moment your clients log into the site, they’re greeted personally, by first name.

It’s a place they feel is designed just for them, where they have access to their personal info (to maintain their contact and shipping information), access billing details, and even manage their preferred method of payment.

online coaching portal WordPress

The ability to update credit card info alone can save you hours of time and billing nightmares, when the inevitable “card declined” error occurs.

And, if you send clients physical products in the mail (like books, cards, and other resources), it’s always great to have them in charge of keeping their mailing address totally up to date.

2. Coaching Packages

Not only can each client have a billing profile, but creating a membership site as a coaching portal makes it incredibly easy for you to add a powerful shopping experience to connect them with your other coaching packages.

Here, think of things like a dashboard that allows a client to purchase additional sessions, courses, or even upgrade coaching packages with a single click.

3. Call Recordings

An individual client dashboards solves the question of “where’s the best place to share mp3s, videos, and other recordings for each client?”

Simply upload the data to your client’s individual dashboard or resource area, then notify them that it’s all ready to go.

Clients can refer back to these recordings at any time to revisit the trainings and topics you’ve covered. You can also send supplemental materials to each individual client based on their specific needs.

4. Scheduling

Use your membership coaching portal to reduce the amount of time you spend each month scheduling client sessions by including buttons that link directly to your scheduling tool.

Simply use your CRM to send out an automated email reminder to all of your clients reminding them to book their upcoming sessions with an autologin link to their coaching portal for easy access.

coching membership site scheduling tool

5. Distribute updates and notifications for all clients

When you create your coaching portal membership site, you will create one course with individual pages restricted to each individual user, but your main “course” page can be used to share resources central to all coaching clients.

This setup makes it easy to post notifications that are accessible for all clients on the main page so everyone can easily access this information. You won’t need to add the material to each coaching client’s individual pages.

6. Create a place for clients to ask questions

Take advantage of AccessAlly’s private notes feature to create an area for each client to submit questions prior to their coaching sessions.

This is a great way to reduce inbox overwhelm for you, and will help you stay organized, making it easy to access each client’s submissions in a centralized location.

You can also use this feature to communicate back and forth with each client.

Send notes, attachments, and other resources that may be helpful for each individual client directly to their individual dashboards.

They’ll receive an automated email notification letting them know new material is available for them to access.

7. Additional resources and downloads

Create an area for downloads and resources that can be accessed by all of your clients.

Some great examples are pdfs, links to recommended books, meditations, and worksheets.

WordPress coaching portal

A Better Leverage With The CRM You’re Already Paying For

CRMs and marketing automation systems are designed to save us time by automating administrative work so we can focus on taking better care of our clients.

Whether you have an email list of 10 or 10,000 prospects and clients, a CRM or marketing automation system will save you time, money, and your sanity.

When you use a tool like AccessAlly as the engine that powers your coaching portal, all of your client’s information will sync directly with your CRM.

This integration makes it possible to automate the delivery of onboarding emails as soon as someone purchases your coaching package, as well as any follow up reminders or mass communication you need to send out to your clients.

Actions performed by your coaching clients can trigger follow-up automation in your CRM via the AccessAlly membership plugin.

You can also automate failed payment follow-ups when a client’s monthly payment fails to process, requiring less pressure on you to ensure all payments are up-to-date and followed up on in a timely manner.

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AccessAlly integrates with ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Drip, Infusionsoft, Keap, and Ontraport.

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