AccessAlly vs Mighty Networks: A Comparison

Our fans tell us AccessAlly allows them to earn more from their online courses and membership sites. We think you’ll love AccessAlly’s power features, along with its’ sophisticated interface.

If you’re curious to see how AccessAlly really stacks up to Mighty Networks, read on!

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How is AccessAlly different
from Mighty Networks?

AccessAlly and Mighty Networks both provide a way to create a memorable members-only experience for both paid and free members.

This is where the similarities end, and where the differences begin.

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The Big Question: Do You Want to Build and Manage a Social Network?

Before we dive into the side-by-side comparison of AccessAlly vs. Mighty Networks, let’s get clear on what you want your membership site to be.

If you want to build your own Facebook-like social network, then Mighty Networks is a great option for you. They do a great job of hosting branded social networks.

Often Mighty Networks site owners end up hiring full time or multiple part time community managers and moderators to help them keep up with the flow of conversations and topics.

If your offering’s main thrust is the interactive always-on social network effect, then Mighty Networks is the way to go.

Take Payments Without Transaction Fees & Earn More with Abandoned Cart Follow-up, Coupons, Trials, and 1-Click Upsells

In addition to the monthly fee you pay, with Mighty Networks you’ll also be losing between 2%-5% of your sales on top of the transactional fees from the payment processor. AccessAlly never takes a cut of your sales.

With Mighty Networks, your options for selling are limited to subscriptions and individual courses. You can’t do 1-click upsells, or seamless abandoned cart follow-up.

With AccessAlly you’re in control of the look and feel of your order forms and you can offer multiple currencies, payment plans, and trials.

You can also design cross-selling dashboards that link to 1-click upsells, offer individual coupons that expire after a given time period for each member, and truly create a personal sales experience.

You can pre-sell courses and memberships, and you’re not giving your members’ information to Mighty Networks. They just join your email list and database, so no one else is going to market to them down the line.

Animated screenshots of the AccessAlly order form process
CRM Integrations

Deep 2-Way Integration with Email Automation Marketing Platforms (No Zapier)

Mighty Networks is not focused on integrating with your existing email tool and only offers Zapier as an option, while AccessAlly was built with an integration-first approach.

With Zapier and Mighty Networks, you can add a customer's email address onto a list... but you can't do the finely tuned tagging automation that can trigger a campaign or unlock content in both directions.

With AccessAlly’s deep CRM integration, an action inside the membership site can update your CRM's automation tags and when someone clicks an email or segments themselves they can see different content inside the members area.

This deep 2-way street integration makes for more meaningful member interactions, and can increase or reduce the amount of emails people get based on their engagement.

It’s more stable, and gives you more control as a business owner to design a better client experience.

A Learning Environment That Helps Students Focus

With AccessAlly as your Learning Management System (LMS plugin) and membership platform, you’ve got a learning environment designed for focus.

As a member of a few Mighty Networks, I quickly realized that the environment is so focused on the social aspects that you’re constantly being distracted while trying to read and learn.

Distractions are everywhere: with the Ping! Ping! of notifications taking you out of the flow of learning and completing courses.

With AccessAlly, you can set up a social area that is separate from your learning area (either through a forum or other social platform) so that students can choose whether they want to learn or connect.

Social networks are not where people go to learn, and that’s the biggest downside of Mighty Networks for those who want to offer online courses. AccessAlly is designed for online learning, and it shows.

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Animated screenshots of the AccessAlly Teams dashboard

Sell Individual Courses, and Bulk Group Licenses

With AccessAlly, you can offer any combination of courses, memberships, and even bulk licenses for teams. You decide how you want to charge for these, and drip the content out in whatever makes sense for your students.

With Mighty Networks, you’re not able to sell individual courses. You can’t make use of AccessAlly’s cross-selling dashboards to help you sell more of your content and courses organically.

You also can’t offer bulk or umbrella accounts, which means you can’t sell courses or memberships to families, teams, and corporations.

Plus, with AccessAlly you can have people upgrade and downgrade their memberships themselves, update their card card on file and show special incentives when people complete modules or courses.

You can also clone courses, and run individual coaching programs right inside AccessAlly.

Why AccessAlly Clients Find It a Worthy Mighty Networks Alternative...

Natasha Holland
Brand New to WordPress and Scaling with Team Licensing

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to the AccessAlly team. I've gone from not knowing what Learning Management System to buy to having 2 of our courses on AccessAlly with Ontraport going live this morning! And they look better than ever!

For anyone out there not yet sure whether to go for it, I would say DO! We came from a Squarespace site with Mailchimp, and I knew absolutely nothing about WordPress (still don't really), a CRM system or AccessAlly, and have done all the work myself with really fast and solid support from the AccessAlly team. I can't sing everyone's praises highly enough.

Oh, and by the way, our two relaunched courses on our new AccessAlly platform? Clients just love it, and we’ve just won a MAJOR UK consultancy/accountant contract to do team licensing… in no small part thanks to the platform we can now offer.

– Natasha Holland,

Designing A Clear User Experience, Customized For Each Member

With AccessAlly, you decide how you want to structure your site… from your dashboard having an easy “continue where you left off” button to what courses and content is highlighted.

Then based on which tags someone has, whether it’s from taking an onboarding quiz or clicking links in email or your membership site, you can show different content.

In AccessAlly, you’re the designer of the user experience, and with your choice of WordPress theme you can also fully customize the look and feel of your site to be on brand.

With Mighty Networks, you get the design and flow that is dictated to you. You can’t personalize the site for each member based on their previous interactions, and you also can’t design the type of gamification and rewards systems you can with AccessAlly.

Mobile phone with animation of course dashboard and account options
Animated Screenshot of the AccessAlly Onboarding Wizard

The WordPress Advantage vs. Being Hosted on Mighty Networks

The most often cited reason that people choose to set up a membership site on WordPress is because you own your site and content, and you control the hosting of it.

With AccessAlly on WordPress, you’re also getting an open source platform that allows you add additional plugins and extensions are your needs change over time.

With Mighty Networks, you’re on a closed system, without access to the source code or the ability to add features and integrations. You’re also at the mercy of the Mighty Networks company and their servers: if they go down, so does your site and business.

You also don’t have the ability to take backups of your content, or to move off the platform easily if you decide to change things down the line.

Full-Fledged Course Functionality With Quizzes, Video Bookmarks, and Certificates

AccessAlly’s LMS focus means you get everything you’d expect from an online learning environment.

You can design 3 different types of quizzes, score them and use these to tag people or unlock upcoming lessons and modules. These combine with Private notes to have students submit homework and get feedback privately.

Plus with AccessAlly you can upload blank PDF Certificates and decide what to auto-fill when someone completes a course, so they get their own personalized certificate of completion.

You can’t do any of these things with Mighty Networks. You can track whether someone has watched a video with both platforms, but it’s only with AccessAlly that you can create video bookmarks and show course progress checklists and charts across the site wherever it makes sense.

Mobile phone with screenshot animations of objective page settings, custom operation settings, and child account settings
Animated screenshots of a member directory and profiles in AccessAlly

Customizable Member Directories: Searchable, Private, or Public

Mighty Networks offers a built-in directory feature, but everything is behind the login so you can't use the directory on your public facing site.

With AccessAlly, you can create beautiful searchable member directories, sorted by marketing automation tags. This allows members to opt in or out of your member directory, and even to purchase a premium listing.

You decide what to include in your public or private member directory - like a biography, gamification points earned, and even course progress.

Plus, with AccessAlly’s profile editing functionality, a member can update their name, email, address, and password… or any other custom field inside of your email automation platform.

Built-in Affiliate Tracking System & Center, plus Metrics Dashboard

With Mighty Networks members can invite friends, but you can’t set up a full affiliate system and pay out a commission for referrals.

With AccessAlly’s built-in affiliate tracking system, you can create different tiers of affiliates with set commissions and override specific products easily.

You can also create any number of affiliate links, and put together gorgeous affiliate centers with resources and graphics… all in your main membership site, so it’s easy for affiliates to share.

With AccessAlly, you can run reports and even build out a full sales and conversion metrics dashboard to see how your marketing efforts are paying off.

AccessAlly affiliate center and metrics gif
AccessAlly logo

AccessAlly’s Philosophy is Do Fewer Things Better

Mighty Networks started off as a social network, but in recent years they’ve started to add on a lot of different features. From online courses, to events, email, and mobile apps.

This sometimes often means that not all of the functionality you’d expect is there, and it can be confusing for participants to keep track of all of the different things going on.

With AccessAlly, the core of the software is designed to help you sell more, teach better, and engage longer - on your terms.

That means you have more flexibility in how you do things, and you’re not getting a solution that tries to do it all without succeeding.

AccessAlly also focuses on integrating with tools you already use, like your email marketing automation platform, so you have all of the functionality you can expect from best-in-breed software.

Clients Share Their Experience with AccessAlly as their Course and Membership Solution

Robin Hardy head shot
I love the flexibility of AccessAlly!

"I wanted something that looked good and worked well for my clients. We have used other membership platforms, but I love the flexibility of AccessAlly and the support when needed. In 17 years doing virtual support I really think you have hit it on the head with a fabulous tool for membership sites AccessAlly, well done!

The biggest reasons AccessAlly stands out?

  • The look of the membership site
  • Ease of adding audio/video
  • Branding options on the site
  • Your own website versus someone else's hosted platform

AccessAlly is an amazing tool!"

- Robin Hardy,

AccessAlly is the only sophisticated
solution that comes to mind

"Hands down the sophistication. I’ve used most membership softwares on the market but I needed something special, high class, sexy for this latest venture. Only one name came to mind: AccessAlly."

- Amber Vilhauer,

Amber Vilhauer

Should I use AccessAlly or Mighty Networks?

Mighty Networks logo

Mighty Networks might be right for you if…

  • You want to host your own social network, and manage the constant barrage of questions and topics yourself or by hiring a community manager to help
  • You need to get something simple up and running (and you don't plan on adding more functionality to your site down the line)
  • You enjoy duct-taping solutions together, and using Zapier and 3rd party tools to integrate all of your client data
AccessAlly blue and grey logo

AccessAlly might be right for you if…

  • You want everything to work seamlessly from one end to the other (payments, courses, and memberships) with as few custom coded or Zapier integrations as possible
  • You’re looking to create an amazing customer experience, that’s functional, profitable, and helps you stand out in the marketplace
  • You know keeping your client information centralized inside your CRM will help you scale
  • You can sell individual courses, or license your courses to groups and organizations

Your members' workflow on AccessAlly vs. in Mighty Networks:

AccessAlly logo
  1. Someone fills in an opt-in form on your website to join your free course or membership
  2. They're automatically logged into the members area, where they can see what paid content is available
  3. After enjoying your content, they decide to upgrade to a paid course with a special coupon designed just for them
  4. Each time they complete a lesson or quiz, they earn points
  5. If they haven't logged in recently, they'll get an automatic reminder from your CRM
  6. You receive a super excited testimonial email because they finished the course and they want to be a case study for your program!
Might Networks logo
  1. Someone wants to join as a free or paid member, so they click a button and are taken to a Mighty Networks sign up page where they need to create an account
  2. Once they've filled out the Mighty Networks-branded sign up form, they're taken to a payment area where they can enter credit card details
  3. After payment (or if they're signing up as a free member) they're logged into your Mighty Networks site, which finally has your company branding again
  4. The first thing they see is the activity happening on the site, from conversations to events
  5. Wanting to check out the courses, they click "Courses" and start the first one.
  6. Suddenly a notification icon appears in the top corner and they're off to check out the latest discussion, the course forgotten.
  7. They post and engage with others, and the next time they login there are even more things to check out.
  8. Sadly the course they started is still unfinished, and the member starts to question whether this recurring membership is worth the cost and emails you to cancel.

See how AccessAlly and Mighty Networks Features Compare:

We’re a digital marketing software company built by marketers and software engineers. With our particular background and expertise, we’ve designed AccessAlly to give you everything you need in an easy to use, powerful package.

Protected course content
Built-in Recurring Stripe and PayPal payments Not PayPal
Course builder for modules, lessons, and topics
Automatically creates tags, pages, and menus
Deep 2-Way Integration with Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and Drip
Multiple currencies, automated expiring coupons, and order bumps
Cart abandonment automation
Progress tracking, and progress-based unlocking content
Multiple types of quizzes, and auto generated certificates of completion
Course Licensing with Teams or Umbrella Accounts
Searchable member directories and editable custom fields through profiles
Gamification where members can earn points, and activity-based automation, login tracking
Media player, video bookmarks, tagging automation on quizzes
Cross-selling dashboards, with 1-click upsells
Built-in affiliate tracking with multiple tiers, links, and reporting

The True Cost of Mighty Networks

When deciding between AccessAlly and Mighty Networks, the pricing boxes don't paint the whole picture. If you plan to offer only free content to your members, then Mighty Networks' plans are more affordable.

But once you start adding on the transaction fees that Mighty Networks charges (between 2%-5%), these costs can quickly add up.

In the example below we're looking at a $500 product, using the lowest 2% fee and you can see how quickly the costs add up.

AccessAlly never takes a cut of your profits, and you can have unlimited paid or free members!

AA vs MightyNetworks December 2019

Marketers all over the world are loving AccessAlly

Truly the best platform out there

"I LOVE AccessAlly. It has become the cornerstone of my online business, I was on CustomerHub before AccessAlly Pro.

Since being on AccessAlly, my membership site has tripled in the number of members. The ability to do one-click upsells alone generates 1/4 of my revenue.

The mobile-friendly component is huge, as CustomerHub was not mobile-friendly. Plus, the quizzing functionality from AccessAlly Pro allows me to sell my membership program to corporations which also added an other 20% in revenue in the past year."

- Marc Wayshak,
Worked with a Certified Partner

AccessAlly Memberium
My clients absolutely love it and I do too!

"I've tried a TON of different membership softwares and AccessAlly is by far and away the best-looking, most functional and most strategic one.

I was so fed up with my last membership site because the user-interface was terrible for my clients (and it didn't look good, which bothered my over-achieving perfectionist self).

Now, I've gotten an unbelievable amount of customer feedback from my clients telling me how much they absolutely love it... and I do too!"

- Amanda Goldman-Petri,
Worked with a Certified Partner

AccessAlly Really Is the Best on the Market!

"When I was planning a complete rebrand of my program the e-Course Launch Formula I looked at pretty much everything on the market as I had some very specific needs.

The reason I chose AccessAlly was because it integrates seamlessly with Infusionsoft, has some awesome learning management functionality like checklists and also has the potential to become a membership hub for my business with multiple programs in the one place.

I've used other Infusionsoft specific platforms but this really is the best on the market. My team has also successfully added a great membership directory for my students to find and connect with potential affiliates and contributors for their e-Course. I am so glad that I picked AccessAlly and my students are over the moon at what it offers for their learning experience!"

– Kathryn Hocking,
Worked with a Certified Partner

AccessAlly is a Mighty Networks alternative, that’s powerful enough for developers, but designed for marketers.

Migrating From Mighty Networks to AccessAlly?

With the AccessAlly migration wizard, you can import members from another platform into your new AccessAlly site.

Simply export them from your email marketing platform or get them into a spreadsheet, and the migration wizard will handle the rest, making sure that all of your members have the right tags and permissions.

You can then use the Course Creation Wizard to import existing course content, and you’ll be ready to showcase your new members area.

Thinkific migration

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