AccessAlly 3.7 Release Notes

Released July 2021

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New Features & Improvements:

  • New! Quaderno integration for tax. This is a biggie if you’re in the EU, with the new VAT changes coming into play. But it’s also extremely useful if you’re in other countries too because Quaderno helps you set the correct tax rates by region, and keeps track of any fluctuations over time. You’ll want to check out our full guide here.
  • ProgressAlly got a visual upgrade to match the new AccessAlly colors and interface. You’ll notice this in the User Profile area, with a more visual progress view for each member.
  • Watch out world! There’s a new ProgressAlly feature called an Interaction. This allows you to update shortcodes when objectives are completed on the page, for more interactive experiences.
  • Now it’s possible to hide the “Mark as done” button once it has been clicked! You can also send people to another page after they click the “Mark as done” button.
  • But wait, there’s more “mark as done” goodness. Now you can also change the copy on the “mark as done” button when it has been completed.
  • Now administrators can respond to or initiate Private Notes with a rich text editor, for easier styling and formatting.
  • Private Notes also got an upgrade with the avatar of each person showing up beside their note. Follow this tutorial to enable Profile images from AccessAlly’s profile management.
  • The navigation buttons for “previous” and “next” pages are now going to show instantly upon objective completion, even if they were to depend on tags for the next page.
  • There’s a new captcha option to opt-in forms, to help you prevent spam sign ups.
  • Now when you re-naming your modules in the Content area of offerings, it will update the naming convention in the Permissions area in front of the tag name.
  • Now you can use an existing page as the “main page” for an offering.
  • Added the “refresh tag” option on the permissions area of the Offerings, so you can pull in any new tags easily.
  • Now you can select an existing product/offer under the Offerings settings, so you can keep everything organized. This is perfect if you have products/offers that you created before AccessAlly 3.6, and want to link them up to your Offerings.
  • In Offerings, you can now add new WordPress posts, not just new WordPress pages.
  • In Offering settings and on pages within an offering, you will now see the default icons that AccessAlly generates instead of blank boxes.
  • In the Offerings pending mode: you now have the option to not create tags and select them later. This is especially important if you want to use existing tags and you don’t want AccessAlly to automatically create new tags for this offering.
  • We added offering names to the “Edit dashboard” so that they’re easier to organize if you’ve uploaded icons that don’t include a name.
  • We deprecated the Social Sharing feature in ProgressAlly. This means that if you have social sharing set up, it will continue to work. But if you don’t have it enabled on a page you will no longer see the option to do so.
  • We added the ability for a Team Leader to download their members’ certificates on the Team Management page. This is helpful for team leaders that need to gather or re-send certificates for all the people on a team.
  • Now you can run ProgressAlly events on a video completed objective.
  • We also added Chameleon help buttons to ProgressAlly, with videos right inside the plugin for added support and training.
  • Now you can also use existing pages for Public Pages within your Offerings, instead of having to create new ones.
  • You’ll also see that forum post types are excluded from AccessAlly/ProgressAlly tracking and page/post listing.
  • We’ve added Custom Fields to the On-Demand Login as a UTM parameter.
  • AccessAlly Teams now have a rich text option in the Management Page elements, to make it easier to describe what information is being shown. For example, you can better delineate the progress bars between different courses.
  • Now you can display affiliate transactions in reverse chronological order.
  • We’ve limited the Chameleon helper to load on just the AccessAlly/ProgressAlly admin pages in WordPress (not the whole admin of your site). Chameleon is the tool we’re using to load help videos inside the plugin, run surveys, and see which parts of the plugin aren’t as intuitive as they could be.
  • We updated a few of our icons, including the AccessAlly shortcode adder icon.
  • For Ontraport, AccessAlly now makes sure that the contactId matches all arguments in webhooks.
  • AccessAlly now accepts the Hungarian Forint currency.
  • We also added the Polish zloty currency.
  • Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed an error in retrieving the Affiliate list.
  • Deleted contact no longer causes errors in the sales log.
  • Updated the Spanish Language 1 Click Upsell text.
  • If someone doesn’t have a “completed icon” uploaded, we will now default the completed icon to the enabled one.
  • Fixed the send invoice button that had double icons.
  • Fixed order toggle heading that said “Order Bump Setup”.
  • Fixed error when changing styling from custom to Primary Colors option.
  • Fixed the countdown timer so it matches the primary colors.
  • Will no longer show the “next” button if the next page is a draft (not published yet).
  • Fixed List Order Subscription shortcode mobile responsiveness.
  • AccessAlly will not override page icons with offering icons, and you can also duplicate an offering and it will keep all of the sub-page icons on the new pages.
  • This defect was for new sites only, where coupons inside Offerings show as “deleted” when the first one is added. It’s now fixed!

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