LifterLMS vs. MemberMouse: Which Is Best For You?

You have big dreams. You want to sell online courses and memberships. You need to offer an amazing user experience.

Now you're researching, exploring, and learning. You may have come across LifterLMS and MemberMouse as two viable options.

So, if you're wondering which is best for you, LifterLMS or MemberMouse, you're in the right place.

You'll know by the end of the article.

LifterLMS vs. MemberMouse

Now, you may be wondering who we are, and why we care to write these in-depth comparison pages for you. Great question. 

We’re the creators of AccessAlly, a WordPress plugin for LMS and membership websites.

You may have found the marketplace confusing. You’re looking for answers, but coming up with a confusing mix of solutions that may or may not work long-term.

That's why we write these comparison pages for you. We'll dive deep into features, pricing, and more. By the end of this page, you'll have a clear idea of what those look like. And since we're the creators of AccessAlly, we'll sprinkle in where our software shines.

We want to help you make the best decision for your business, even if that's not AccessAlly.

What Are You Looking For?
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    LifterLMS vs. MemberMouse: The Main Difference

    LifterLMS has both a course builder with LMS features and membership functionality. MemberMouse is focused on membership functionality and lacks a course builder with LMS features.   

    Even though they’re both WordPress plugins, they support your business differently. 

    If you know you want to offer memberships and courses, then LifterLMS is a better choice for you.

    If you're going to offer only membership options, then MemberMouse may fit your needs.

    LifterLMS vs. MemberMouse vs. AccessAlly

    Which features do you plan on using? Remember to consider what you use now, and what you'll grow into as your business expands.

    Take a look at some of the most popular features below. See how LifterLMS and MemberMouse compare to AccessAlly.

    AccessAlly LifterLMS Member Mouse
    Protected course content
    Built-in Recurring Stripe and PayPal payments
    Course builder for modules, lessons, and topics
    Automatically creates tags, pages, and menus
    Deep 2-Way Integration with Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and Drip
    Multiple currencies, automated expiring coupons, and order bumps
    Cart abandonment automation
    Progress tracking, and progress-based unlocking content
    Multiple types of quizzes, and auto generated certificates of completion
    Course Licensing with Teams or Umbrella Accounts Add-on required
    Searchable member directories and editable custom fields through profiles
    Gamification where members can earn points, and activity-based automation, login tracking
    Media player, video bookmarks, tagging automation on quizzes
    Cross-selling dashboards, with 1-click upsells
    Built-in affiliate tracking with multiple tiers, links, and reporting
    Two devices showing LifterLMS vs MemberMouse

    Courses, Memberships, or Both?

    MemberMouse is a membership plugin. Its primary functions are protecting content and controlling access. A membership plugin typically has fewer learning enhancement features compared to a course builder plugin.

    LifterLMS is a learning management system (LMS) and membership plugin. LMS is a term used to describe a course builder plugin or tool. An LMS plugin will typically have more features to support courses, like quizzes, progress tracking, and certificates, compared to a membership plugin.

    Plugins (Not Platforms)

    Both LifterLMS and MemberMouse are WordPress plugins. The setup for both looks quite similar. Once you purchase the plugin, you’ll add it to your WordPress site and activate it. From there, you can start configuring your settings, customizing pages, and adding your content. 

    Neither LifterLMS nor MemberMouse are plug-and-play platforms, like Kajabi or Podia.

    LifterLMS is more feature-rich than MemberMouse. Since you’ll have more options on LifterLMS, you may find it takes more time to setup. On LifterLMS, you may also be setting up memberships and courses, which can be more time-consuming. 

    Take into account your comfort level with WordPress. Consider the time it will take for you to learn WordPress if you don't already know it.  

    Two devices showing LifterLMS vs. MemberMouse


    You’ll find that LifterLMS has three plans, and the core plugin is free. Its pricing structure is based on add-ons. You can purchase them individually or as a bundle. You’ll pay annually. LifterLMS doesn’t offer a monthly plan.

    If you choose MemberMouse, you can pay monthly or annually. You’ll have three plans to choose from. Its pricing structure is a more traditional tier structure with feature limitations. 

    LifterLMS icon


    Individual Add-ons 99+ per year 

    Universal Bundle $299+ per year 

    Infinity Bundle $999+ per year 

    MemberMouse Icon


    Builder $39 per month 

    Advanced $99 per month 

    Premium $199 per month 

    You may find the Universal Bundle on LifterLMS fits your needs the best. You’ll pay $299 per year. It includes design add-ons, e-commerce add-ons, marketing, and CRM add-ons, and form add-ons. 

    If you choose this plan but find yourself needing just one or two more features, you can add those on ad-hoc style. 

    If you choose MemberMouse, all their plans include core features. These features include items such as checkout, memberships, SmartTags (which we’ll dive into a bit later), affiliate tracking, and basic reporting. 

    You may find yourself drawn towards MemberMouses’ Advanced Tier for $99 per month or $786 per year. You’ll get access to the full analytics and reporting suits, social sign-up and login, advanced affiliate settings, and advanced billing features. 

    You may look at LifterLMSs’ pricing and feel misled. That’s common. Map out your add-on features, then you’ll have a clear picture of the cost. LifterLMS offers more functionality than MemberMouse, and will most likely be less expensive, depending on your setup. 

    You deserve straightforward pricing with no strings attached. You shouldn't have to guess what your monthly cost will be based on what features you'll be using. And having the flexibility of monthly payments is a nice option, especially with COVID-19 impacting business.


    You’ll use an integration when you need two systems connected in order to achieve your desired feature. 

    You will almost certainly need a CRM integration. Maybe you use ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Keap, Infusionsoft, or Ontraport as your CRM. Whatever you use, you’ll want it to integrate with LifterLMS or MemberMouse in order to create a cohesive flow for your users. 

    LifterLMS integrates directly with MailChimp and ConvertKit.

    If you use another CRM, you may want to purchase WP Fusion. This integration will help your CRM and LifterLMS communicate seamlessly. With WP Fusion, you’ll be able to push information updates on LifterLMS to your CRM. 

    MemberMouse has similar features to CRM software through its Manage Members functionality. You can add contacts, tag them, and send basic email notifications. 

    Even with MemberMouses's manage members, you'll likely still need a CRM. They offer integrations with email service providers like MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, iContact, Drip, and ActiveCampaign. 

    If you use this integration, you’ll be connecting them through the API keys. The integration is simple though and will communicate with the email service provider if a contact needs to be added to a particular list. 

    The integration isn’t thorough in the sense that you cannot update a record in your CRM based on updated fields in your MemberMouse site.

    AccessAlly LifterLMS Member Mouse
    Infusionsoft (Keap Max Classic)
    ActiveCampaign though Zapier, one-way via API keys, one-way
    Drip via API keys, one-way
    Aweber via API keys, one-way
    Get Response via API keys, one-way
    iContact via API keys, one-way

    The short answer is most likely, yes. 

    Here’s why: 

    You’ll find that both MemberMouse and LifterLMS offer very limited email sending capabilities. These are transactional emails. They’re not designed to support a marketing campaign or email automation. 

    If you want to keep segmented lists, run marketing campaigns, create automatons, or send out regular newsletters, you’ll need a CRM. 

    As your business grows, your CRM will become vital, as will your membership or LMS plugin. If your CRM and LifterLMS or MemberMouse don’t communicate seamlessly, you could find yourself frustrated. 

    You’ll have a duct-taped solution on your hands. Your users might be confused if they see one thing on your membership site, but see another when they get an email from you.

    Let's say you have a marketing campaign running through your CRM. If your plugin (LifterLMS or MemberMouse) integrated seamlessly with your CRM, you can stop the marketing emails once someone purchases with no issues. 

    If they're not integrated, you may find yourself embarrassed when your CRM is still sending marketing emails after someone purchased your product.

    Right off the bat, your new users may lose trust in you and your brand. 

    When these are integrated with deep, two-way integration, the marketing emails will stop as soon as someone purchases. They'd even be able to see their purchase information on a 'My Account' page right after they buy.

    We've heard time and time again how much this thoughtful process means to new users. It builds trust and creates life-time users for you.  

    When you look at LifterLMS, you’ll see a lot of marketing around its add-ons. These add-ons are typically created by the company itself. You’ll find these add-ons are extensions of the core plugin. 

    An integration, on the other hand, is typically another system entirely. Its developed by another company. The two separate entities communicate via a direct integration that they’ve most likely worked together in creating or an API integration.

    You may have heard warnings to keep integrations to a minimum. When you add too many, it becomes a complicated and chaotic solution. 

    Add-ons, especially with LifterLMS, don’t carry the same warning. Their philosophy is to provide the core functionality plugin, then use add-ons to complete your setup.  

    Folks have joined AccessAlly who are crawling away from duct taped solutions that left them exhausted from all the tech headaches and complaints from their users. 

    AccessAlly is a solution that doesn’t require duct tape. No tech headaches. No broken systems for your users to complain about. 

    You focus on your amazing content. Let AccessAlly handle the tech operations of it all. 

    The short answer: Yes, all kinds.

    Here are a few popular integrations used on MemberMouse: PayKickstart, SamCart, WooCommerce, iDev Affiliate, Google e-commerce tracking, and bbPress. 

    And for LifterLMS: bbPress, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Affiliate WP, and iDev Affiliate. 

    Both MemberMouse and LifterLMS work with Zapier. Zapier is a third-party connector tool that connects two systems through what they call a “zap”.   

    While these integrations can be helpful, they do add complexity to your setup. We’ve had users migrate over to AccessAlly that are coming from LifterLMS and MemberMouse solutions that were held together by Zapier. The setups eventually become overly complicated. Your users start to have lapses in what they can see on the membership sites. And you and your team may find yourselves working to correct failed zaps and troubleshoot technical issues. 

    Spend your time where it counts. 

    AccessAlly LifterLMS Member Mouse
    Drag-and-drop course builder paid add-on
    Builder that automatically creates pages
    Automatically creates menus
    Automatically creates CRM tags
    Works with Beaver Builder
    Works with Divi
    Works with Elementor

    Design Flexibility

    Since both LifterLMS and MemberMouse are WordPress plugins, the theme you choose for your membership site will dictate the look and feel. 

    You’ll find a recommendation list from MemberMouse that includes: Divi, Astra, OceanWP, Hello from Elementor, Neve from ThemeIsle, GeneratePress, AuthorityPro by StudioPress, AcademyPro by StudioPress, OptimizePress Essential Pro, MemberDev platform, and Memberoni from The Membership Guys.

    You’ll see with LifterLMS, they have their own theme called LaunchPad. You can choose whatever theme you want though. If you use Divi, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Astra, or Course Maker Pro, LifterLMS sells these add-ons. 

    When you build your memberships on MemberMouse, you'll be creating individual pages, then granting access. There's no drag-and-drop page builder. 

    With LifterLMS, you can purchase a paid add-on that allows for easier building with their course builder. 

    Make sure your theme works with other elements you’ll be using.

    If you choose MemberMouse, you may be using other tools for forms, SEO, lead-gen, or a security plugin. Your theme needs to work seamlessly with all integrations. 

    If you're going with LifterLMS, make sure all the add-ons you'll be using work seamlessly with your theme and design. 

    Theme conflicts are somewhat common. If you have specific questions about the theme you want to use, reach out to LifterLMS or MemberMouse before you purchase.

    Pro tip: This is also a great way to see what their customer support is like firsthand! 

    Learning Reinforcements

    LifterLMS is the clear winner here. Keep in mind that you'll need add-ons to get access to these features. If you want all of them, you'll need to consider upgrading to the Infinity Plan.

    Learning reinforcements can be a variety of features that enhance the learning experience. Here are a few features that you might be interested in: quizzes, assignments, progress tracking, or video bookmarking, just to name a few.

    Today we'll take a look at quizzes from both LifterLMS and MemberMouse.


    LifterLMS has native quiz features. You can attach one quiz to each lesson. LifterLMS offers you two levels: the core plugin or the advanced quiz question add-on.

    With the core plugin, you'll get multiple-choice questions that can have a single correct answer or multiple correct answers. You can offer picture multiple-choice or true/false questions.

    With the advanced add-on, you can offer fill-in-the-blank, reorder items or pictures, short or long answers, and the option to upload.

    Quizzes are graded automatically, but you'll notice that some advanced question types require manual grading.

    MemberMouse doesn't have native quizzing features. They recommend using a third-party plugin like Gravity Forms.

    AccessAlly LifterLMS Member Mouse
    Quizzes with multiple question types paid add-on
    Tagging automation based on quiz results
    Prerequisites paid add-on
    Multimedia lessons or modules paid add-on
    Course completion certificates paid add-on
    Searchable Member Directories

    "AccessAlly is, so far, the most flexible and straightforward membership software I've used.

    You have somehow managed to make what could be quite complex tasks very straightforward.

    It's a pleasure to use."

    Josef Sykora, Creative Piano Academy

    Josef Sykora


    Both MemberMouse and LifterLMS have similar e-commerce features. They both offer 1-click upsells, coupon codes and promotional features, trial offers, and various pricing options.

    Both accept payments via Stripe or PayPal. In addition, LifterLMS works with and WooCommerce. MemberMouse will work with, Braintree, ClickBank, and

    AccessAlly LifterLMS Member Mouse
    Built-in integration with Stripe and PayPal paid add-on
    Integration with additional payment gateways paid add-on via API keys
    Multiple currencies
    Flexible coupon codes
    Advanced promotions
    Order bumps
    1-Click upsells

    Affiliate Functionality

    Neither LifterLMS nor MemberMouse offers these valuable features natively. 

    Both offer integrations with affiliate software, like iDev Affiliate and WP Affiliate.

    AccessAlly includes affiliate management features natively. No add-ons, additional plugins, or third-party systems required.

    iMac showing screenshot from LifterLMS

    Bulk Course Enrollment

    LifterLMS has released Phase 1 of an add-on called Groups. When the full feature is released, you’ll have the power to enroll teams. The team leader would be able to add team members and manage their experience. 

    Currently, Phase 1 of the Group add-on doesn’t include automated e-commerce features. So you’ll have to handle your pricing negotiations and orders outside of LifterLMS. 

    MemberMouse doesn’t offer a native bulk course enrollment feature, however, a third-party plugin is available to integrate with MemberMouse to add this functionality. 

    Your workflow on LifterLMS vs. MemberMouse

    Lifter LMS logo
    1. Download, install and activate the LifterLMS plugin on your WordPress website
    2. Download the LifterLMS helper, install and activate
    3. Set up the design of your website using a WordPress theme
    4. Create your course catalog to show visitors your available courses
    5. Create your membership catalog where visitors can see your available memberships
    6. Connect your payment processor
    7. Set up your student dashboard
    8. Integrate with your payment processor
    9. Design your order forms
    10. Add additional learning reinforcements like quizzes, assignments, create certificates, and more
    MemberMouse Logo - White
    1. Install WordPress if you don’t already have it installed 
    2. Migrate your members 
    3. Conduct your basic setup of products, pricing, membership levels, and bundles 
    4. Create your core pages for check out, thank you pages, landing pages, and login
    5. Create your internal course and/or membership site pages 
    6. Protect all your content and media with your membership levels and tags 
    7. Customize your setup through stying, integrations, smart tags, or other developer tools 

    The True Cost of LifterLMS vs. MemberMouse

    You’ll feel the true cost of MemberMouse when you have all your memberships setup but realize you want to run courses too. You’ll have to migrate to a new system that can handle both memberships and courses. Or you may choose to purchase another system to handle courses. It will be a pain. 

    You’ll realize the true cost of LifterLMS when you’re paying for the Infinity Bundle, plus a few extra plugins or add-ons, but still having to integrate with another system to handle gamification, your affiliate program, and your community forum. 

    Make Your Choice: LifterLMS or MemberMouse

    LifterLMS logo

    Choose LifterLMS If...

    • You’re looking for a membership and LMS plugin all-in-one
    • You're already using a WordPress website and looking for a WordPress plugin
    • You don’t mind using a third-party tool to connect your course with your CRM
    • You have a need for more advanced quiz functionality 
    MemberMouse Logo

    Choose MemeberMouse If...

    • You want to offer a simple membership 
    • You don't have plans for a complex membership with multiple tiers
    • You have no plans to create courses, digital downloads, or a free course
    • You already have a WordPress site and your comfortable working with your WordPress theme. 

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