Zippy Courses Alternatives: Comparing Zippy Courses to Competitors

If you’re looking for a Zippy Courses alternative for your online course or membership site, or just starting the research process, you’re in the right place.

In this in-depth overview, we’re taking a look at the pros and cons of the Zippy Courses platform. You’ll also find comparisons of popular competitors, a breakdown of Zippy Courses’ native platform features as a course builder, and pricing.

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Before we dive into our Zippy Courses comparison

We are always curious about who writes the reviews we find online, so if you’re anything like us, we want to give you the full disclosure.

We are the creators of the AccessAlly LMS plugin for WordPress, and we are affiliates for some of the tools that we review and compare, which means that we may earn a commission if you buy from our recommendations.

We never let an affiliate incentive sway us in our reviews, but this makes it possible for us to test and provide in-depth and hands-on experience with a lot of the course and membership tools you might be comparing and considering.

Now let’s see how Zippy Courses compares, and why current users might start looking for a Zippy Courses alternative in the first place.

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Why people choose Zippy Courses

Before we get into our list of Zippy Courses alternatives, let’s look at why you might consider implementing Zippy Courses for your online courses.

  • Easy to get started: If you’re just getting started online and don’t have any other systems in place yet, Zippy Courses can save you time and help shortcut your startup process while keeping your expenses consolidated. While it’s not the most affordable option on the market, you won’t be investing in a large tech stack.
  • All-in-one platform: Zippy Courses users don’t need to worry about getting a bunch of different solutions to work together. If you choose Zippy Courses to host and build your online courses you can get them set up fairly quickly and on the market in a short period of time. Aside from your email marketing system and video hosting you won’t need a lot of other systems.
  • You want to simplify: For some business owners, the technical maintenance required for their systems can become a burden. If you only sell online courses, with Zippy Courses you can train a team member to take care of your business from within the platform fairly easily.

Why people recommend Zippy Courses

You might have posted in a Facebook group asking people what they use for their online courses, and received some “Zippy Courses” answers. Why is that?

  • Zippy Courses was a popular WordPress plugin when it first came to market: If you see people suggesting you choose Zippy Courses as the platform to host your online courses, it’s likely because they’ve used it or seen it as a student on someone’s website. Zippy Courses seem to be putting more focus on their standalone platform now though which requires an invitation to join, but it isn’t as advanced as many platform-as-a-service tools on the market.
  • It’s easy for new course creators to set up their first course: Another reason online course creators recommend Zippy Courses is that it’s easy to set up and get started if you offer a simple course. If you need the more advanced features many learning management systems include, this is not the platform for you.

    However, if you don’t need a lot of added functionality like advanced sales funnels, robust engagement campaigns and features, gamification, or a custom design and unique course layout, then Zippy
    Courses can help you get your course online fairly quickly.

    They have a simple drag-and-drop page builder you can use to create your landing pages and sales pages too. While it can get the job done, it’s not built to support those wanting a truly custom design.

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Why people look for zippy Courses alternatives

While Zippy Courses is easy to use and works fairly well to test a “proof of concept”, if you have plans to scale your courses at large or need additional functionality outside of basic course delivery, there are a lot of tools on the market that are more affordable, and comprehensive in their feature sets.

If you’re here you’ve likely tried Zippy Courses and found it to limiting for your needs, or you’ve heard from others who may have outgrown the Zippy Courses system and want to learn more.

If you want to build a more customized and engaging learning environment, Zippy Courses isn’t the right fit for you; here are some of the other common reasons why people look for Zippy Courses substitutes.

  • Lack of design flexibility: Zippy Courses’s design options give you a clean, organized layout that looks nice out of the box, but you’re so limited by the Zippy Courses framework when it comes to customization. It’s very plug-and-play which can be stifling for those who value custom designs and want their brand to be reflected in their online courses.
  • Limited LMS features: Zippy Courses focuses on more simple course setups. If you want to include advanced quizzing and homework submissions, credit systems, member directories, and other engagement strategies to keep your members motivated, these features are pretty basic on the Zippy Courses platform, and some aren’t native to the platform in the first place.
  • Basic e-commerce: You can collect one-time and subscription payments with Zippy Courses, however, there’s no real coupon functionality where you could offer a discount or promotion. You have to create individual order forms and keep them hidden, to only be shared at your discretion to offer a discounted price. Zippy Courses also lacks the functionality to create free or paid trials for your offerings, and there’s not a way to recapture lost sales through an abandoned cart automation at this time. These features would give you the potential to add a significant amount of income to your bottom line.
  • Can’t schedule campaigns with specific times: Zippy Courses does have some native email sending functionality, however, you don’t have a lot of flexibility in terms of scheduling these emails. You can delay them based on the date of purchase but you can’t set them to send on a specific date.
  • High cost: Zippy Course’s pricing is covered more below, but it is not the most economical option on the market if you have a large customer base and use the native email feature. Some people might look for a Zippy Courses alternative when their course enrollments being to scale and have to graduate to a more expensive plan.
  • No ability to add country taxes: If you operate a global business because you want to tap into a bigger marketplace, it helps to be able to have localized payment and language options. In Zippy Courses, you’re not able to collect VAT or country taxes. They also cannot handle multiple languages or currencies.

Why People Choose AccessAlly as a Zippy Courses alternative

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So Glad I made the move!


“I’m transfering an existing membership site to AccessAlly, and can’t believe how much more robust and efficient my site is. There are so many opportunities to nurture and engage my membership through all the little things built into AccessAlly.”

– Carly Seifert

Compare Zippy Courses' Pricing

Zippy Courses has two pricing options for its platform.

Their most affordable plan is the Standard plan at $99/month for 1 site. You can have unlimited members and create an unlimited number of courses, but you’ll be limited to 10,000 emails and up to 100GB of file storage.

Their more expensive plan is priced at $199/month for 1 site. Similar to their Standard plan you can create an unlimited number of courses and have an unlimited number of users, but you are limited to 50,000 emails and have a 2TB file storage limit, although that’s a lot of space so you shouldn’t be concerned. You also have a little more flexibility for design customization, but it’s not as flexible as you’d experience with an alternative platform such as Thinkific.

Here is the cost breakdown for some of the most commonly compared Zippy Courses substitutes:

Zippy Courses $948/year
Includes only 100GB of storage
& 10,000 emails
2TB of storage
& 50,000 emails
Kajabi $1490/year
Includes only 3 products, and limit of 10,000 contacts
100 Products, 100,000 contacts, limited email sending
Thinkific $490/year
Unlimited courses and students
Additional features and groups
Teachable $390/year
Plus 5% transaction fee
No transaction fees, includes bulk student enrollment
Podia $390/year
No memberships or affiliate functionality
Includes 3rd party code and embedded checkout forms
Mighty Networks $280/year
Community forums only, no online courses, plus 3% transaction fee
Includes online courses, plus 2% transaction fee
MemberPress + LearnDash $448/year
No course or student limits, basic functionality
Includes group licensing, affiliate functionality
LifterLMS $299/year
Ecommerce and CRM addons included
Quizzes, groups, and social learning
AccessAlly $990/year
Unlimited courses and students, affiliate, and bulk courses
All LMS functionality

Want more in-depth Zippy Courses Replacement Comparisons?

Now that we’ve looked all of the reasons why someone might choose Zippy Courses, or switch from Zippy Courses to another LMS solution, it’s time to compare Zippy Courses alternatives!

In these in-depth comparison pages, you’ll see where each tool shines and where it falls short so you can make the best decision for your particular business and online teaching needs.

Your Zippy Courses Substitute Might Include Several Tools, Software, And Plugins

Now because Zippy Courses handles a few different aspects of your course delivery operation, you might find that some Zippy Courses replacements require you to use more than one tool.

How you decide to construct your tech stack depends on your requirements, and what goals you’re trying to achieve. For instance, you might need:

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